EU hails climate deal as example for the world


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We might just radify something now that helps the envirement this next 4 years. No matter what Obama does he can't hurt the envirement as much as bush has. < :-)

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adaydream- Bush did not pull us out of the Kyoto agreement, it was never ratified by congress in 1998. Learn history before you speak of it.

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The 2001-2009 President, George W. Bush, has indicated that he does not intend to submit the treaty for ratification...

Not my words, the link's though. < :-)

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Europeans are so quaint.

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President George W. Bush has refused to accept mandatory restrictions on the U.S. economy intended to cut carbon emissions, both as outlined in the Kyoto accord and those now being considered. While the United States signed the Kyoto agreement, it was never ratified by the Senate and Bush essentially scrapped it. Since 1990 U.S. emissions have increased by 16.7%.

It's odd that they'd only give this information for one country. How does it compare with others?

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Ah, I found it myself:

+55% India, +49% Spain, +47% China, +41% Portugal, +27% Canada, +27% Greece, +25% Australia, +23% Ireland, +16% United States, +10% Norway, +7% Japan, -1% France, -14% The UK, -17% Germany, -32% Russia

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20% of energy comes from wind, sun and other renewable sources by 2020

If the end result is decreased use of fossil fuels leading to less dependence on oil from despotic nations, then I think it's good. Who cares if it's for a lame reason.

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Ah, I found it myself: +55% India, +49% Spain, +47% China, +41% Portugal, +27% Canada, +27% Greece, +25% Australia, +23% Ireland, +16% United States, +10% Norway, +7% Japan, -1% France, -14% The UK, -17% Germany, -32% Russia

Thanks. Quite a shock to see Canada up there with eco-outlaws like China :)

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The big lie in the article above is that Europe, and all nations as well, don't include transportation emissions in their totals. The UK is reporting a slight drop in emissions from last year, but once you include transportation they actually increased their output. That's another neat little trick. Just pick and choose which emissions to include and you suddenly turn a net gain into a net loss.

Wanna know another neat little trick? Get yourself classified as a poor country, then review all of your government projects and see if any of them coincedently reduce carbon emissions, then charge "rich" countries for the carbon trade. That's what Qatar did. They're somehow listed as a "poor" country for Kyoto, and when they built a plant to capture leaking gas from their oil production (not to save the environment, but to sell/use it), they suddenly lowered their carbon emissions. What's next? Convince "rich" nations like Canada to pay $128 million dollars for the carbon credit. Nice!

It's what I call the "accidental environmentalist." I'm one too, apparently. When I moved from the US to Japan I sold my car. Guess what? I'm suddenly an environmentalist! If I were part of Kyoto I'd sell my carbon credit to Australia. Thanks for the cash, boys. I worked so hard to make myself a model citizen of the world, perhaps you can learn from me and clean up your act.

Look at Russia's numbers above. They've reduced their emissions by the greatest amount. They must really care about the environment. Either that or their entire economy collapsed since 1990 making them the worlds greatest greenest nation since 1990. Congrats, Putin. I hope you make a killing off of Spain.

The more you read about Kyoto and the environment the more you realize what a scam it is. The environment agenda needs a complete overhaul to see any real gains, and the first thing they need to do is tear up Kyoto and start again.

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Good rant from SupLib that ads up to nothing more than whining, doubt and denial.

Its already too late to prevent a good deal of global warming. Weve sentenced our grandchildren and great grandchildren to some real hardship from the weather. Time for all to stop denying the overwhelming evidence and act so that we dont tip the scales beyond survival. The responsibility lies will every individual.

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I just hate Europe so I'm going to belittle every single thing they do, and even if their fumbling out in the dark can be seen as progress, I'll refuse to see the reality out-right and make demeaning comments about them wherever possible on internet discussion forums.

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I wasn't criticizing Europe, I was criticizing the system. I said that Europe doesn't include transportation emissions while saying that no other country does as well. I was also showing how some countries in Europe get screwed by the system, like Spain, who will have to buy credits from a country like Russia, and that's just absurd.

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CBC documentary declares global warming doomsday has been called off.

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