EU hits back at Italian gov't over bridge disaster comments

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Looks like only a matter of time until Italy leaves the EU.

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I can't see this government being any good for Italy and I can't see a break from the EU being any good for Italy. The EU is determined to make an example of Britain to deter others.

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Most importantly, if you look at this bridge it seems like a fancy, new age design putting aesthetics above safety in the first place. I have never heard in my entire life of a bridge suddenly collapsing. Therefore, I would first point the finger at the designer and the body that approved this design in the first place. A bridge should be sturdy with multiple, redundant and robust mechanisms to keep is from "collapsing".

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He said that in the seven years from 2014 to 2020 Italy was set to receive 2.5 billion euros ($2.8 billion) for roads and trains, 12 billion euros in so-called structural funds to help poorer regions, and had been given the green light to receive 8.5 billion euros in national spending.

All at the push of a few buttons.

The European Commission

Aren't these folks unelected? Should be renamed to the CTRL-P Commission

said Italy had repeatedly benefitted from Brussels being prepared to relax its budgetary rules.

Budgetary rules = push the button and hold it down.

Maybe if the EU globalists hadn't went along with the USs' destabilizing wars, or allowed thousands of third world people into their nations.

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