EU confident of hitting vaccination target as global death toll tops 2.5 million


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“while the global coronavirus death toll topped 2.5 million”

how did we get from “dying with COVID19” to this?

Quite misleading but somehow it doesn’t surprise me

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The bloc has been plagued by vaccine supply problems and has come under fire for its stuttering rollout.

The EU is a plague on itself.

It cannot tell its head from its tail!

Mismanagement and inefficiency have led to this current situation.

Germany is the worst!

Merkel has unused Astra Zeneca vaccines that are not being used!

What a pathetic mess!!

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Third para from end:

In China, where the virus first emerged late last year, 

Seems longer ago than that to me.

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Quite misleading but somehow it doesn’t surprise me

My dog is surprised every time the doorbell rings. It’s not misleading.

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Merkel says NO! German Chancellor rejects Oxford jab – despite 1.2m doses going to waste

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Procuring vaccine for 27 member states was never going to be a straight forward simple process.

The bureaucratic nightmare that was to follow stemmed from a procument process that was negotiated/managed as an EU trade agreement.

Convoluted from the outset with 27 member states arguing over price and contract stipulations.

However, the irresponsible behavior of French President Emmanuel Macron and Chancellor of Germany, Angela Merkel in a fit pique declared unilaterally, the Oxford AstraZeneca Covid vaccine to be 'quasi-ineffective' and Merkel still insisting at 66, to old than the upper age limit for it.

So, no surprise then that 1.2 million doses remain unused and in France only 50% of the contracted vaccine take up.

This foolish political posturing is bound to cost lives.

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It is easy when you don't keep to your promises and block the supply to others including your neighbours.

In the next few years it is going to be interesting to see how the EU and also the USA manage as neighbouring countries like Serbia, Albania and other Balkan countries, Turkey, Mexico and much of central and South America all remember that while the USA and EU got their Vaccine these countries didn't and in desperation turned to Russia and China who promptly supplied them.

The stunning speed places like Serbia, Turkey and Chile got the vaccine delivered and into their respective population in just over a month to the point of surpassing all EU countries, the UK and USA in percentage of their populations vaccinated was a public relations coup for China and Russia.

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Yes, of course, I ‘believe’ that immediately, as everyone similarly crazy in their never-to-fail dream bubbles, is very upmost confident and has a lot of exact plans, promising ideas, nearly finished projects, never to postpone or cancel schedules

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