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EU keeps Russia sanctions as clashes resume in Ukraine


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And Kiev also wants Russia to live up to its obligations BY TREATY.

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||BRUSSELS: The European Union on Tuesday decided to keep in place biting economic sanctions on Russia over its alleged backing of pro-Kremlin insurgents who have largely ignored a four-week Ukrainian truce.||

Actually, what the EU Ministers decided on Tuesday was simply not to back any further sanctions, or in other words to temporarily maintain the sanctions status quo. Eastern (Catholic) Ukraine is suffering from severe Poland envy. They want a homegrown Lech Walesa to take them dancing into the arms of the EU, but neglect to realize that first you need some kind of INDUSTRY (like Polands shipyards in Gdansk) before you can have trade unions. Western (Russian) Ukraine just wants just to go back to work and raise families and not be pawns in a NATO chess game under a shower of artillery shells landing on the homes of their aging grandparents. Putin wants promises kept by the West to the Soviet Union in terms of no encroachment of NATO military bases on Russian borders, so in turn he can keep his tactical short range nuclear weapons locked inside the armory. (Russia absorbed and decommissioned the entire Ukrainian nuclear weapons arsenal prior to independence in 1991) Merkel wants (needs) Russian natural gas to keep factories galloping in Deutschland so she can bail out the Greeks and the Spaniards and soon the French. The U.S. wants an ENEMY (or two) so it can budget more for defense through NATO and pay more to defense contractors; and also win elections with votes from hawkish baby boomers still caught up in cold war mental time warps. Winter is on the doorstep. Ukrainian forces under the command of Kiev are still clinging to their offensive positions in the Donbass perimeter but realize to a man that their personal survival requires going home and chopping firewood. Possession is nine tenths of the law - especially for land situated on an international border.

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@scipantheist A member of the Ukraine National Guard sits in a new armored personnel carrier in a training base in Novi Petrivtsi,

(inscription under the photo)

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@Olegek Photos 2-4 look like the Nazis in the Red Square.

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All these things are very very interesting : Petro Poroshenko, new elections , new sanctions

But real interesting news from South - East of Ukraine : on the territories

freed from Ukraine National Guard mass graves of executed people are found ....

many bodies showed signs of torture

One of these heroes you can see at the photo ....

Gentle and nice Nazi Stormtrooper ....

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