EU leaders agree on landmark 750 bil euro recovery deal


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So a Union of 27 countries were able to reach an agreement in a matter of days. Meanwhile, the US, a single country with 2 political parties, fight and disagree on everything. And Japan, a single country, with basically one political party, can't even come up with coherent and sensible ideas.

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Merkel and Macaron get their slush fund. The UK should be grateful to be out of that hive of corruption.

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The poorer countries need help to overcome the economic downturns with the COVID-19.

It has cost the UK more than £350 billion and more pain still on the way.

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Oh, they're all happy now that the fear propaganda will pay off. They needed the "pandemic" for the people to accept being fleeced...

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The American recovery bill will cost more than $7 trillion.

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