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EU leaders mull tougher sanctions against Iran at a summit as Zelenskyy pleads for more support


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Iran should be sanctioned to the max.

If a country could be arrested it would be in jail.

It kills its own people, tramples on the rights of women, and is a genocidal poisonous source of antisemitism.

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JJEToday 10:56 am JST

Zelensky's days are numbered.

I'll wager Ukraine isn't like Russia eating its own.

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Zelensky's days are numbered. All the dials are pointing in one direction in his Catch-22 situation. The country is going down the demographic gurgler if they hold current course.

Whether he knows it or not is uncertain, but increasingly other people do.

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How about some sanctions on Israel the genocidal state?

Rather difficult when the EU actually supports the Gaza genocide.

Here you can see David Cronin, author and a deputy editor of The Electronic Intifada, attempting a citizens arrest on Ursula Gertrud von der Leyen at a weapons industry conference this week.


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Beggars cannot be choosy, especially when you already begging

I agree. Don't count your chickens before they're cooked, especially when you're frying fish. Birds of a feather catch the early worm when they bark up the wrong tree.

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Good news for the Iranian economy then.

All those sanctions on Russia have backfired.

Russia to grow faster than all advanced economies says IMF https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-68823399

Now Iran gets a leg up.

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Beggars cannot be choosy, especially when you already begging

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How about some sanctions on Israel the genocidal state ?

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Zelenskyy is right that the EU either needs to supply the weapons now or supply them later with Russia feeling more belligerent.

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