EU looks to refugee-laden Turkey to ease its migrant burden


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The face of Europe is now changed forever and it won't take long till the locals start to leave the refugee infected areas.

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This refugee crisis is a direct result of the west's meddling in the ME for decades. You reap what you sow. They should shoulder the lion's share of responsibility.

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Turkey’s long-coveted EU membership process is being sped up, as are moves to ease EU visa requirements.

Incorrect. This is just the bribe Turkey is demanding in exchange for controlling its own borders, not what the EU is promising. The idea of Turkey joining the EU is an absolute farce. It will never happen. Ever. If it did, 28 out of 28 EU countries would exit the EU to form a new group without Turkey.

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Turkey is not "refugee-laden". The muslim migrants from Arab countries and Afghanistan can fit into Turkey Sunni muslim societ. There is no reason for them to insist in continuing to the old Western secular societies of Europe, where all aspects of life are haram... unless this is a quest to change Europe into image of the places they come from.

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"This refugee crisis is a direct result of the west's meddling in the ME for decades."

Usually, when the West "meddles," it's to stop the local people from murdering themselves. I agree that the West should have stayed away a long time ago, but the ME would be even worse today if that were the case.

Europe today would be receiving hordes of Kurds fleeing Saddam's chemical attacks if the 2003 Iraq invasion didn't happen. Plus ca change. The list goes on in that blighted region.

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