EU mulls age limit for social media use


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JapanToday should definitely consider screening out the idiot right wingers...

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Europe is a nanny state.

No wonder more and more people are calling for their respective countries to withdraw from the nonsense, as the elites cream the pot on ten grand a month plus expenses for doing sweet FA.

We are truly governed by idiots.

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Change the record Madverts, they're suggesting some parental involvement so kids can avoid being groomed.

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No, I won't.

Trying to keep kids off social media now is like trying to stop the sunlight at dawn. The horse has long bolted.

Europe is becoming a dictatorship.

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Pandora's social media box has been open for business for ten years.

Better the EU look after age limits on alcohol, tobacco than a communications media hungry to promote youth adopters of tech and sell.

Making every family policeman to their children's texting and angry outbursts is likely the same problem parents have had since rock n' roll and boogee woogee.

Is the idea a parent must supply an ID number and authorize access for a period of time helpful?

Sounds nice but imagine the work arounds and conflict this will inspire in homes over an access code.

Better it were promoted as an educational project for parents with options to limit access.

The harms done by social media are vast and far reaching for children who use these venues for ostracism and shaming. So, the concern is a real one.

Schools may also have a role in teaching public responsibility and social responsibility in the use and abuse of social media just as they would in treating others with respect.

This conversation hasn't just begun and too many children have been shamed to suicide by the cruel immaturity of their peers. A truly troubling prospect that cannot be answered by just one approach.

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