EU must keep up pressure on Russia over Ukraine, Britain says


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The unexpected decision laid bare divisions within the 28-nation EU over how energetically to pursue sanctions against Russia, which has already taken trade reprisals and threatened more if the EU tightens sanctions further.

Cowards. And the Germans, who's own tragic history shows the terrible consequences that can result from appeasement, are at the head of the line.

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Britain should focus on hanging on to Scotland.

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Reckless fools! While ISIS commits genocide in Syria and Iraq, these morons insist in picking a fight with Russia.

That Gorbachev was promised non-expansion of Nato into ex Sovjet block countries is all forgotten. The promise was worth the paper it was written on.

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"Appeasement" is a term grossly overused by folding chair dilettantes of global conflicts who like to project the Chamberlainian reminiscent ring to that word. The consequences of a continued and deepening involvement in this issue by the U.S. / U.K. / NATO could very well mean a permanent return of tactical nuclear weapons (TNW) along the entire European border with Russia (with the West to blame; despite the significant progress recently on denuclearization). It has already led to an economic collapse in all Ukrainian regions which will likely persist for more than a generation. If Russia moves on to initiating an international no-fly-zone (over the Siberia and Polar zones) as a counter-sanctions measure, it will trigger a schism in economic relations on the continent which would profoundly affect quality of life in Europe for decades. Concurrently Russia, to secure its own potential, will be left with no better option than to build new modernized energy delivery pipelines into the PRC (with Chinese financing) and leave both eastern and western Europe to source hydrocarbons wherever they can bought in the fractured Middle East including Iran. The newswire press in this regard is uniformly and benightedly leading public opinion to support an entirely avoidable crisis. By all means appeasement is exactly what this situation calls for and soon. Who honestly opposes appeasement; and who has their ear?

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