EU puts forward 'final' text to resurrect Iran nuclear deal

By Parisa Hafezi and Arshad Mohammed

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Iran is stupid enough, the Americans scrapped the previous contract and killed their general.....they still wanna to salvage the deal. If they are as tough as the North Koreans, they have had got what they wanted!

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You surely made my day. A contract or deal between EU and or U.S. and an Islamic country like Iran? Are you kidding us and yourself? Read the Quran first, then we can discuss it further. They only make agreements with the West or whoever else considered being unbelievers, if in a losing or massively threatening situation. In all other cases only temporarily and non-binding agreements if a very big substantial own advantage, money, profits or other big , the unbelievers themselves really hard hurting concessions can be expected at high probability.

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