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EU says Russia should not yet rejoin G7, despite Trump plan


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G6 this year.

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So strange how Trump is always fighting for Russia.

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Yeah the whole Republican party these days seem to be bought and paid for by the gangsters in the Kremlin.

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Trump is the only US President to advocate for Russia against the views of the other G7 nations. Of course he still doesn't believe Russia interefered with US elections in 2016, and he doesn't believe the US Intelligence Agencies. Jeezus get this guy out of the oval office.

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Remember during past Republican administrations when the US stood firm on confronting Russia and holding it accountable, and Europe wanted to ease up and give it a break?

Well, those days are long gone - sorry President Reagan. Now we have a US President who is BFF's with Putin, wants to build him a penthouse in Moscow, says he is more trustworthy than our own intel agencies...

Putin helped get him elected in 2016, and Donald remembers and wants to return the favor - even if it's diametrically opposed to US national interests, and those of our allies...

The Trump-Putin mutual admiration society...one more reason, other than over 100K dead and 41 million out of work, to Dump Trump in 2020...

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