EU to seek China rethink over Russia ties

By Julien GIRAULT and Patrick BAERT

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EU to seek China rethink over Russia ties

Western predatory capitalism vs. Eastern predatory capitalism in a race to see which bloc can use the most resources fastest and leave the planet most heavily polluted.

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That these EU leaders are not pressuring China to condemn the Sauds invasion and attacks on Yemen's civilians and the humanitarian catastrophe it is causing, or talking about kicking them out of the G20 is something that won't be lost on China.

Remember that the world's largest democracy, and the host country for the G20 meeting also aren't taking the orders of the EU/US either.

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The WEST as I have been saying for 30yrs MUST start getting OUT of china!

china has CLEARLY shown it DOES NOT want anything to do with the rule of international law, the longer we trade with china the MORE the world will inevitably PAY!!!

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The two deserve each other. As this paper notes, The Chinese has long-standing claims of around 1.5 million square kilometers of Russian territory, mostly in Siberia, due to so-called "unequal" treaties dating back to Tsarist times. Russia might want to take care of who it gets in bed with; they might hog the covers.

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The EU holds a virtual summit with China on Friday amid increasing alarm over Beijing's growing proximity with Moscow and its reluctance to condemn Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

Beijing will continue to flagrantly violate the sanctions and the EU and America will not call them out for it.

Because the governments of the EU and America are corporatocracies that can no more imagine giving up the Chinese market and manufacturing base than paying the same taxes as their workers.

But given China's close commercial ties to Europe, "China's ways of dealing with Russia's aggression is a convoluted effort to be on Russia's side without paying too much of a price for that," added Buetikofer, one of several MEPs sanctioned by China.

The convolution is that is that the Western neo-liberal democracies pretend they never expected this.

And that they will ever take China to task for this and give up their sweet, sweet capital gains.

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Those former communist countries and former Soviet republic were seeking to grab money by joining E.U.&NATO, Poland, Czech sent troops to Iraq and Afghanistan war was an appeasement to America to exchange of loans from World Bank.

It wasn't new, the South Korean sent their army to Vietnam war for economic relief back in 1960s and that was how these countries get rich! Ukraine is looking for money in the same way by betraying Russia

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"Beijing will continue to flagrantly violate the sanctions"

They are not 'violating' anything. The sanctions were unilaterally imposed by the US and its minions in Europe they have nothing to do with China.

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@Hello Kitty: Those so called "Sanctions" has no international legal status at all, I don't understand what the E.U. talking about international law, that's their one side biased story! I want to ask why America & Britian keep selling weapons to Saudi Kingdom after their crown Prince murdered "Khashoggi" the reporter in a cold blood manner!What not sanction against the Saudi Kingdom?

The West's moral standard were hypocrisy and ridiculous, all for the sake of their own interest!

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China thought they could score a couple easy points by backing Russia's invasion of Ukraine....

1) It sets up a similar rationale for an potential invasion of Taiwan....

2) It hoped to sow disunity and distrust in the US and Europe....

But that was conditioned on the war being swift and relatively light in terms of causalities - what Putin promised Xi would occur.

As we all know, that didn't happen and in fact, just the opposite occurred...

1) No countries except for a handful support the invasion, giving it no legitimacy....

2) The West and the US have shown incredible strength in driving the Russian economy into the dirt - something China now realizes could happen to it also.

The bets are on China pulling back from its support and taking a more neutral, and at times, more critical position on the invasion, trying to save some of its reputation that has taken a beating....for nothing in return....

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Thanks for the tip, Yrral. It brought a smile to my face reading about Russia getting smacked back. What a wonderful day!!!

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It is in China's interest to help maintain the rule of law, and to condemn Putin's insane destruction of Ukraine. However, the dictator of China determines policy for the nation, and, like Putin in Russia and Kim in North Korea, Xi is personally insulated from the bad things that happen to his nation due to his recklessness. That is one of the problems with having a dictator instead of an elected leader.

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They are not 'violating' anything. The sanctions were unilaterally imposed by the US and its minions in Europe they have nothing to do with China

Technically correct which is the best kind of correct and which is the mutually beneficial strategy for US, Chinese, Russian European corporations all around.

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It's very sad to see two most populated countries, China and India are making profits from the war by buying cheap Oil from Russia. It's looking like two vultures helping themselves on the carcass.

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I think the G20 this year is in Indonesia, and Indonesia is not the worlds largest democracy,it is India

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China has to mind where all the money to buy the nice toys Poo Bear is so keen on having the CCP’S military play with. They will still try to have their cake and eat it but may well find it is a very costly cake.

India does vastly more business with the US than with Russia, add in the EU, UK and the rest of the free world and they have a very great deal to lose.

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It's very sad to see two most populated countries, China and India are making profits from the war by buying cheap Oil from Russia. It's looking like two vultures helping themselves on the carcass

My god what a funny comment.

How many folks and children have died over the last 4 decades and made western civilization successful, which I’m sure you have benefited, I’m talking smartphone’s, medical care, cheap everything, all the while ignoring the suffering. Then the west decides, and the MSM shills it, that war profits are BAD. Haha. And you bought it.

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They will sit down and reassess.

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China is staying out of it...their choice.

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Wang Wenbin, said, adding: "China and the EU are two major powers for world peace."

China can not claim to be for world peace at all since it has not denounced the unprovoked invasion of sovereign Ukraine. It continues to avoid asking Russia to halt it's invasion. China has played a zero role in world peace and when it suits China, it simply looks the other way as Russia destroys a nation in Europe.

China knows this, Europe knows this, Ukraine knows this, and most of all Russia knows this.

Europe needs to consider sanctions on China until it helps restore peace in Europe by publicly calling on Russia to stop it's invasion. If it cant do that then it cant say it is a "major power for world peace" that would be a lie, a very big lie.

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Oh, so now they're asking China for a favor, after all the lies directed at China? The Global South is sick and tired of the 10% rich white countries dictating everything. Led by USA, the west has caused a lot of destruction around the world with 'regime changes' and outright exploitation. Things are going to change.

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If the West push China into the arms of Russia, expect a global economic depression that the economy may not pull out of.

Any chance of reducing the pace of climate change will vanish. There will not be enough cash or workers to produce the green infrastructure that we need to transition to. A wall will be built, both sides will dig in and the global economy will start to collapse. As climate change bites and resources - food, energy - run short the only way to stop domestic political instability will be to start a war.

We may soon see our politicians finally write and sign our civilisation's suicide note.

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Western nations need to find ways to pry their companies out of the Chinese market for good. It might require increasing tariffs on Chinese made products and on the Chinese content of products assembled elsewhere each year. It might require taxes on the gross revenues companies earn in China, with the tax rates rising steeply each year until it becomes too expensive to stay there. Begin restricting the number of flights to and from China. Allow flights to China from fewer cities. Make visas increasingly expensive and shorten the length of time they are valid. Close consulates and reduce staffs at embassies. Restrict access to Chinese media and cell phone systems. No more WeChat in the west. Embargo all state owned industries. They can neither buy raw materials from western nations or sell products to the west. China has worn out the welcome mat. The way they steal ip through internet espionage should disqualify them from doing business with the west. You don't let the thief back into the store.

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