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EU urges U.S., China to deliver carbon targets


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Stuff your carbon targets we should do absolutely nothing until we know how it will affect the economy. People aren't goning to care much about the polar ice caps if they can't feed themselves.

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Maybe the world should actually wait and see if man-made global warming isn't just a socialist fraud before committing economic suicide. Despite what Al Gore's computer models have projected, the Earth has not warmed at all in a decade. Even so, that hasn't stopped the enironment worshipping bureaucrats at the UN from continuing to put out random and continuously extended deadlines by which time the world will be doomed if all humanity doesn't return to living in caves like our Cro-magnon ancestors.

Given the reluctance to support nuclear power, there is no way to increase the amount of energy that the world needs while simultaneously cutting cabron emissions by some random percentage. I am all for reducing pollutants, but carbon dioxide is plant food and is essential for life on Earth. Let's not turn Al Gore from a millionaire into a billionaire based on incomplete science.

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Until it's too late. If you don't set limits it will be worse. Why should we wait? This is same as removing speed limits on the freeways, roads. Some people are responsible, many more aren't.

Wolfpack :

"a socialist fraud" wow! just wow! They are all after you and your capital.

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franz75: I don't know, I think wolfpack has it right. If you aren't paranoid you're not paying attention.

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franz75: "a socialist fraud" wow! just wow! They are all after you and your capital.

Well, I really don't have that much capital for them to come after, although I would like to keep what little I have. What I am most worried about is my freedom to do and choose those things that I want to do as opposed to what others would have me do. The man-made global warming theory is a perfect vehicle for those politicians that support statism.

Climate science is being manipulated and is simply 'politics by other means'. The carbon targets that the Europeans want America to commit to in order to make the Copenhagen summit a succes, are based more on political ideology instead of science. Now that the emails from East Anglia University have exposed a concerted fraud by the premiere scientists espousing man-made globabl warming, there are more reasons then ever to question the rationale behind even having environmental summits like Kyoto and Copenhagen to regulate a non-pollutant like carbon.


Given that the science is being manipulated by leading climate scientists and current and former politicians, what other possible reason then Leftist politics can there be for the desperate push to force massive regulatory changes upon the people of the world?

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