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EU urges world to aid eurozone via IMF bailout


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The EU finally ran out of other people's "Europeans" money to confiscate and hand out to people now they are asking the world to pitch in! Never fear the American regime will print money and ship it over..

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So once the EU dies they can become client states of Russia with the exception of UK. Oil and Gas imports will put the continental EU into bondage.

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The only method to save EU is to create a union like the USSR that has absolute power to enforce any members to comply the code and ethic as written! Otherwise just disband this organisation, you guys were wasting your own time!

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That is so pathetic. After going on a begging tour to Russia, China, Japan, and Brazil and being laughed out of the office everywhere, these clowns now want the the IMF to bail out their idiotic Euro project.

What kind of "world currency" is this anyway, that has to be bailed out ever week again with ever more leverled loans?

The nations of Europe want and deserve their freedom back, i.e. their national currencies.

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Give them nothing- let them look after themselves.

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