EU wants to send more migrants away as unauthorized arrivals grow

By Gabriela Baczynska

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If the west would stop supporting coups, wars and taking advantage of resources in poorer countries, there wouldn't be so many people desperate to leave their homes.

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@Purkey2 you are are making be barf!!! This is not just a problem in Europe its a global thing. The US borders is busting from the seems because of all the immigrants coming from south america and beyond. There's just too many people on this earth and with the internet they see a window to a better life and if it takes walking or swimming to get to where they want to go they will risk it. By the way China has a big immigrant population but the media doesn't show it they disguise it as tourism, tourist that travel out but never return back to China!!!

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kaimycahl, there are NOT too many people on this earth. The problem is that the elites in developed countries have encouraged and abetted mass immigration into rich countries for purely economic gain. It quickly became obvious that these countries were soft on illegal immigration too, as the cheap labour was welcome. It's understandable that the young, most able citizens of poor countries would want to emigrate, but open borders is NOT the solution. And, I might point out that blaming this on overpopulation is plain nasty. There is plenty of food and space for everyone.

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