EU warns Russia over cyberattacks ahead of German elections


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A little bit more is know about this simmering mess.

The Ghostwriter activities were also connected by the Germans to Russia's GRU military intelligence service earlier this month. German links the GRU to attacks against the German parliament at least three times this year, as well as multiple attempts to steal personal login details of German lawmakers before the September 26 federal election. Not to mention the spearphishing attacks against multiple Parliament members. Confidence level is significantly high.

So Europe told the Russians to back off: .

Looks like a red line to me.

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Putin: “hehehehe…..”

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Fortunately for Germany they don't have a Fox, Breitbart, or Newsmaxx that only serve as outlets for Russian propaganda and disinformation efforts....

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The EU warmongers just cant let go of the anti-Russian hate propaganda.

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The EU warmongers just cant let go of the anti-Russian hate propaganda.

Speaking of war mongering, how are things going for Russia in Syria.

Putin-philes and their ilk in the global extreme right, anti-democracy/pro-authoritarianism movements continue to use media, especially social media to spread disinformation while fanning flames in democracies.

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The EU warmongers just cant let go of the anti-Russian hate propaganda.

It's Russia's own fault for not doing anything about those Russian trolls like the Internet Research Agency that puts Russia in bad light

When you let trolls speak for you, don't be surprised that hate is what you get back

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