Europe burns as heatwave breaks temperature records


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So, don’t comment on the historically unprecedented nature of recent weather phenomenon and its relationship to obvious and almost universally accepted scientific hypotheses among honest rational sentient beings.

And certainly don’t reference pathetic attempts to deny the very existence said man-made climate change.

got it.

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Phew wotta scorcher! I can see the headlines now.

Who did the Daily Mail photograph in her bikini this time?

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Wonder if Joe Manchin is reading this reporting? how about Ted Cruz, or is he too busy preparing to attack undesirables to worry about this silly climate disaster stuff?

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Europe BURNS!!!, everybody!

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Wildfires are surely the very last problems that ‘burn’ everything down there.

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"Recorded extremes (From Melbourne Regional Office): Hottest temperature: 46.4 °C (115.5 °F), 7 February 2009. Coldest temperature: −2.8 °C (27.0 °F), 21 July 1869. Hottest Minimum: 30.5 °C (86.9 °F), 1 February 1902."

40C may be hot for Europeans but around the world, other places have endured much hotter temperatures as shown above for Melbourne's (a southern city) hottest day recorded.

"The highest temperature ever recorded in Australia is 50.7 °C (123.3 °F), which was recorded on 13 January 2022 at Onslow, Western Australia, and 2 January 1960 at Oodnadatta, South Australia."

Europe has a way to go.

"Currently, the highest officially registered temperature is 56.7C (134F), recorded in California's Death Valley back in 1913."

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Strength and resilience, Europeans.

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Hopefully, those who didn't care about environmental forecasts are now ready to face the matter a little more sincerely.

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Nemo, I agree a singular omission from the article, too busy finding a way to intrude his own political views no doubt instead of concentrating on the story.

Peter14, no doubt Australia is way hotter, as are many other places, the point though is that these are exceptional in that geographic area and their frequency is shown to be increasing. These areas of Europe and the UK in particular are not used or prepared for this sort of weather nor for it to be a frequent occurrence. Highlighting the growing impact of climate change.

Luckily here we are not in the Red heat warning zone “only” the Amber. Curtains closed, and the ones facing the sun have white reflective linings, keeping hydrated (decisions, delicious, mug of tea or ice cold G&T?) the dog is crashed out in front of the fan.

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Judging from the lead image it seems the Spaniards aren't sweeping their forest floors like they do in Finland. Right?

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So many wildfires broken out across London, no rain means parched gardens, parks and grasslands are like tinder. The mayor has declared a major incident

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Luddite, thanks I hadn’t spotted that. Most seem to be grass fires and fields with as far as I can see one in a forested area. Makes sense, my front lawn is sere and yellow, though the back lawn is green and growing like mad, and we haven’t had quite the temperatures in London area.

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On Monday evening, prosecutors in the southwest city of Bordeaux said a man suspected of having started one of the fires in the region had been taken into custody.


Natural fires are terrible enough without ones starting them


European Commission researchers, meanwhile, said nearly half (46 percent) of EU territory was exposed to warning-level drought. Eleven percent was at an alert level, and crops were already suffering from lack of water.


Ukraine food exports being blocked by Russia and now EU crops being effected by lack of water.

I see food prices rising higher again.


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The amount of people who comment in the daily mail that " it's just a bit of sun, enjoy it" is shocking.

Even a blind man can see there is something going on with the weather.

And it will have serious consequences sooner than was expected.

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Wildfires all over the place near London. Remarkable scenes:

The amount of people who comment in the daily mail that " it's just a bit of sun, enjoy it" is shocking.

Shocking but not surprising. Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are still front page news there.

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Alfie, not with anything I have read.?

Sorry, I think we are both making the silly mistake of thinking the Mail is a news paper.

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