Europe turns on Facebook, Google for digital tax revamp


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Should include spying too.

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The E.U should go for the throat quite honestly. Hopefully they can get global cooperation, but if they can't, they are powerful enough to go it alone. Its good to hear the U.S is itself coming on board. Heaven knows with a proposed 20% tax rate, the U.S will need to collect every single cent of that 20%

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parasitic multinationals.

the average joe cannot avoid paying tax up to the last dime

yet this so called multinationals avoid paying the right amount

of taxes through crook.

a revolution is needed to stop a selected few feeding off the vast majority.

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They have revolutionised the way we live, but are U.S. tech giants the new robber barons of the 21st century, banking billions in profit while short-changing the public by paying only a pittance in tax?

A resounding YES, they are Robber Barons!! These tech companies & other have been ROBBING for the last 25years at LEAST!! I have been harping on about them for ages, but most of the masses cant see the obvious, thankfully bright lights have recently been shone on these tax cheating parasites, they need to be reigned in BIG TIME!!!

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Its only right that BIG TECH pay taxes according to the estimated revenues, sales or users base as per each country or an average system at maybe a flat tax of 20% of estimated profits. It is ridiculous that average Joes are paying taxes and squeezed at every turn including GST, while BIG TECH are having a free ride on everyone and accumulating 100s of billions every year.

It's a shame that EU, USA, etc are still not doing anything effective on these OCTOPUSSES.

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