Europeans reject Trump's call to repatriate Syria jihadists

By Francis Curta and Dmitry Zaks

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Yup, Europe still wants the US to clean up the mess for them.

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Yup, Europe still wants the US to clean up the mess for them.

Nope. Europe wants the US to clean up the mess the US made.

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Yup, Europe still wants the US to clean up the mess for them.

Without a doubt, they certainly don’t want them, we don’t either, let the Europeans sort it out, they love open borders.

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Give Kurds their state, give IS their state, but make them seriously promise to mind their own business and keep to themselves.

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Last week Shamima Begum, a London school girl who joined IS in 2015, resurfaced in a Syrian refugee camp, saying she wanted to return to raise a baby she gave birth to while abroad.

This woman seemed unrepentant about her time with the butchers and was unfazed about seeing severed heads in bins.

Our security services are already overworked watching potential jihadis. I suppose another on this list might mean a bit more overtime.

Bass, not all Europeans ( a continent - not a country ), are in favour of open borders. Even some ‘liberals’.

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If Trump wants Europe to repatriate their ISIS jihadists, he should take the lead and do it himself first

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Radical Muslims do not have a place in Europe-deny them entry!

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UK security officials said they could not block Begum's return since she had never been convicted of any crimes, but they did not rule out prosecuting her upon her arrival.

The UK has revoked her citizenship in a bold move!

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Yep, Begum's UK citizenship has been revoked. She showed no remorse and still supports IS ideals. It's a wonder why she was so keen to come back to the UK.

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