Eurozone agrees on bailout plan for Greece


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Compared to ours, Greece's rescue package is just a spit in ocean. Why all the concern or they could just kick Greece out of the EU for not meeting its fiscal requirements. Pure peanuts. Come on EU, take the bull by the horns and be done with it and rescue Greece.

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why rescue greece ? they cooked the books to get into the EU and have been lying about the numbers for the last 15 years...and now they want free money ?

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This is the beginning; wait until Turkey lies its way into the Euro zone. Then there are all the seriously suspect East European countries that are now semi in the zone. The EU has over burdened itself with some nasty dead ducks. Greece should be reminded that horses are shot when they become useless.

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Way to go EU,quick action for economy in Greece,should be good for the Euro zone.

Greece should now improve,its fiscal ways to improve its trade systems, for better Greece.

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Thats insane. If they bail out Greece, then of course that the other "PIIG" countries will demand the same, and the Eurozone becomes a suicide pact.

Greece should leave the Eurozone now and be allowed to print its Drachma again, that is the only way.

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Germany will reassert itself as the leader of the whole circus. The euro will be done away with and europe's ancient hatreds will be found to be alive and well.

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