Ex-IMF chief freed without bail; rape charges stand


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"Judge not, lest ye yourself be judged."

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Bad Girl.

She also told prosecutors a tearful, vivid but untrue story of having been gang-raped in her native Guinea, later admitting it was among various false accounts of oppression that she had been told to memorize to enhance her 2004 application for political asylum, prosecutors said. And she claimed someone else’s child as her own dependent and lied about her income on tax forms, they said.

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So she has confessed to lying about being gang raped to get asylum, a move that could get her deported. Yet, she stands strong on the details of abuse by Strauss-Kahn?

In my mind, that actually strengthens her case. Why would she crack about what would be the bigger lie the one that would cause her the most trouble, but go on to maintain a smaller one? Would it not be far, far easier to keep lying about the fake gang-rape, an event she rehearsed and practiced for years, than to keep lying about this new event with someone right there to contradict her? Actually, I believe her more than ever now!

But its no wonder so few women report rape. The prosecution will rake you over the coals about things not related to the case, and then you will lose and know that you not only wasted your time as the perpetrator walked, the world now knows every bit of dirty laundry you could possible have, as if we all don't have dirty laundry.

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Oh yes, one detail she does not stand strong on, that she went on cleaning rooms and did not report it immediately. Not surprised there either. After an assault most people are in a daze and not thinking straight. Certainly my first reaction to anything is not to call the police. In fact, I have never once called the police for anything ever, despite being involved in a number of situations. Certainly if I lied on my application for asylum, that would only give me more pause. The police can't turn back the clock and prevent the rape from happening. What is done is done. The question left is if you will try to pursue charges, as if that is some wonderful happy thing. its not. Its a degrading process. Few women report rapes and few do so immediately and they have good reasons. Yet the men expect an immediate desire for revenge which is not in female nature, or else they doubt the claims. So she lies to get around that. Can't blame her.

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The New York Times, citing unidentified law enforcement officials, reported that the woman was recorded on the phone with an incarcerated man soon after she made the allegations against Strauss-Kahn, discussing whether to press her case.

But the gullible above crow "I believe her more than ever now!"

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Not sure why weighing the pros and cons of pressing charges brings doubt BV. I once had a guy sideswipe my car. He stopped and we had words. I debated the pros and cons of calling the police and decided against it. If I changed my mind later, I suppose someone like you would say the event never happened, since I did not call the police instantly. Frankly, your understanding of the world seems to be as shallow as a Hollywood movie. Gullible? Hardly. I think what would be gullible is to toss aside my paragraphs of possibilities for your cut and paste and once sentence attack!

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Based on what she has presented so far, a good Defense Attorney could cast doubts on her credibility. If she lied about her status and situation, then she could be lying about him forcing her to do it. He could say she was paid to perform or cast doubts on her credibility.

Not saying that is a fair tactic, but it is something that the DA would do to get his client off. We keep on saying that old mantra in the US "It is better for a thousand guilty go free than send an innocent man to jail" well in this case, the lady based on her past actions is about to make it for this guy to go free. He may be guilty of bad judgement, but it looks like he will get off on this one.

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@chewitup - What you're missing here is that this individual has an established pattern of lying for personal gain. She also didn't volunteer those confessions about her previous lies out of the goodness of her heart, but rather probably because evidence obtained from the gynacological examination after the proported rape would have disproven claims of a gang rape, and establishing that she didn't have a child would likewise have been established by the same examination. In short she didn't surrender those facts because she's a good person, she confessed because she had no option.

Also her failure to change her story is extremely strange. In most trauma sufferers the initial details are blurry, not vivid, and as time goes on and the trauma lessens the details slowly crystalize. If, from day 1, she's been able to vividly remember every single fact in full detail then that doesn't follow the typical pattern of rape survivors, and that, tied with her history of lying for personal gain, strongly suggests that this woman has just set back rape survivor rights by at least a decade by lying about her experience.

It boggles my mind that feminists defend this sort of individual, one with a proven history of deceit. Can't you see that every case like this one just makes it more and more difficult for the next rape case to be proven?

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Looking bad for the prosecution.

While a lot of this stuff is more prejudicial than anything else, the fact that she lied about the events following the alleged rape is lethal to her credibility. Even if we consider the lie itself to be understandable (I think some feminist websites make a good case for this), you can't lie to a Grand Jury like that and expect to be believed.

The only way this case proceeds is if the forensic evidence is air-tight. Even then, it will be an uphill battle.

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Also her failure to change her story is extremely strange. In most trauma sufferers the initial details are blurry, not vivid

Wow! So if the story changes they are lying, and if the story doesn't change, they are lying then too! Please remind me why so many women fail to report rape. Thanks.

Speaking of credibility, anyone remember those initial reports of how Strauss-Kahn just happened to forget his cell phone in his room? Sure, no way that happened out of desperation to get the hell out of Dodge and back to France fast lest the police come knocking, which they did. And remember how he said that there was no sexual encounter before he said there was and it was consensual? The maid is not the only one fairly called a liar. But what Strauss-Kahn lied about is far more relevant to the question at hand, isn't it?

you can't lie to a Grand Jury like that and expect to be believed.

Not following you. I know she lied to police about cleaning rooms after and I know she lied to immigration, but when did she lie to the grand jury?

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Sorry, I got the impression from another site that the she lied before the Grand Jury. If that is incorrect, then things look slightly more favorable. Still, if this is the case where a traumatized victim initially misreported details (a common occurance) of her assault, it would have been much better if she had corrected the inaccuracy, rather than stuck to it.

I will have to go back an re-read the articles in question. I may have been mistaken.

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Strauss-Kahn, 62, had been confined for weeks to a luxury New York City townhouse on $6 million bail


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Any woman who reports a rape is an absolute idiot for thinking that anything good will come of it for her, or that the man will be on trial, instead of her. Learn a martial art, carry pepper spray, but realise men can rape with impunity and it is always the woman who is going to go on trial, especially if she is not white. She was trying to survive, to stay in the US, to get together enough money to eat and live, but of course privileged people cannot ever imagine being homeless, scared of deportation, or what it is like to have so little money that one may be driven to do things which are not moral. This woman could not afford morality. He has been living in luxury, whilst SHE has been the one who has had to explain herself time and time again.

Pepper spray and kickboxing, wear a burka if you think it might make a difference, but after the fact it is better to just shut up and walk away.

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