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Ex-IMF leader pleads not guilty to sex assault


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Its hard to tell if he is guilty of the charges or not. But it is abundantly clear that he is guilty of being completely stupid.

A maid he has never seen walks into his hotel room and consents? How are we supposed to believe that? I mean its possible but it beggars belief...unless she is a honey trap. Next time, cover your butt old man and at least be seen having a lively conversation with her in the lobby. Otherwise, there is a time when even a man should say "no", and if you go down for failing to protect yourself in any form, I won't shed a tear for you.

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What a joker that old frog is.

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The 62-year-old Strauss-Kahn was scheduled to check out of the Sofitel hotel, near Times Square, the day of the encounter. The maid told police he chased her down a hallway in his Sofitel hotel suite May 14, tried to pull down her pantyhose and forced her to perform oral sex.

Were the panties torn?

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“She is standing up for women around the world, sexually assaulted, who are too afraid to come forward.”

Yeah, right... Once it will be agreed to exchange a large sum of money against prosecution and lawyer getting his share, that sentence repeated over and over by other lawyers would again mean nothing.

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Let him share a cell with John Edwards. They can discuss the finer points of their respective brands of thoroughly cynical "socialism."

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We have to presume that Strauss-Kahn will continue to fight the allegations until he has either been proven guilty, or until he regains some of his clout. Strauss-Kahn will probably admitt having consensual sex while the chambermaid's attorney will probably state that this event was nothing more than a physical, sexual assault by Strauss-Kahn. But, anyone charged with a penal offense has the right to be presumed innocent until proved guilty according to law in a public trial at which he had all guarantees necessary for his defense. Thus, no one should be held guilty of any penal offense on account of any act of omission which did not constitute a penal offense, under national law, at the time it was committed. Hence a heavier penalty can't be imposed than the one that was applicable at the time the penal offense was committed. Simply stated, you should be considered innocent until it can be proved that you're guilty and if you're accused of a crime, you should always have the right to defend yourself because nobody has the right to condemn you and punish you for something you haven't done.

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Well, no use speculating until the trial begins. So far it seems like they have a lot of evidence. I'm sure many hotels have security cameras in the halls to get a good grip on how the situation played out by observing how the maid went into the room and the condition of which she came out of the room. Incriminating evidence will either prove his innocence or guilt.

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If and when he is proved to be innocent ,just imagine the compensation for damages which I have no doubt will be sought by his team.

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