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Sheriff: Cabin not purposely burned in firefight


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On CNN, they have also played audio of police orders to "burn it down", clearly referring to the cabin.

Once he realized the cabin was ablaze and there was no way out, it's reasonable to assume he took his own life rather than be burned to death.

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Sounds like he was not a very good driver.

Originally we heard that they had tossed 'smoke' bombs inside and the fire had broken out shortly after that.

All quiet now, and the comments have virtually dried up.

Hope the owner can claim compensation for his/her cabin.

Will the LAPD conduct some kind of meaningful enquiry?

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Sheriff lies like a dog. The audio of the order is unmistakable.

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This article has been repackaged, and many comments removed.

Another report entitled, " 'Burn it Down' Dorner's hideout deliberately torched by LAPD as dramatic manhunt ends"

…includes the following : " US Police were heard on Los Angeles TV and over LAPD audio yelling to burn down fugitive ex-cop Chris Dorners cabin, revealing a deliberate, considered plan to torch the building in which Dorner was believed to be hiding.

Local news channel Kcal9 has played a recording in which police were heard to yell burn this (expletive ) down, and another shouting, (expletive ) burn this (expletive), as Dorner was barricaded inside his hideout.

The news followed an LAPD audio recording in which a police officer is heard to say, "Alright, we're gonna go ahead with the plan with the burners", and continued, saying, "like we talked about", as his colleague confirmed he is in agreement."

Yet despite the audio being very clearly heard across the Southland, the following was reported:

"During a Wednesday press conference, the San Bernadino County Sheriff claimed that law enforcement did not "intentionally" set fire to the cabin."

Obviously, it would be more convenient for the audio of the orders to be lost down the memory hole since it diminishes the credibility of the authorities.

It's very likely that Dorner indeed took his own life before the flames consumed him.

"Dorner had barricaded himself in the cabin in the San Bernardino Mountains near Big Bear, Los Angeles. The drawn-out and dramatic manhunt culminated with a siege and shootout.

His hideout cabin was apparently set alight after attempts to force him out using smoke bombs and teargas failed. The message surrender or come out, had been blasted into the building by law enforcement officials, and the media was ordered to shut off their live feeds during the stand-off."

Videographic evidence likewise would fly in the face of the publicly heralded statement.

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Who cares how he died. He was a murderer regardless of the reason and he got what he deserved.

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Quite; the end justified the means.

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**San Bernardino County Sheriff John McMahon said Wednesday the fire was not set on purpose.

“We did not intentionally burn down that cabin to get Mr. Dorner out,” he said.** hahaha!! Sure Sheriff, what EVER you say!! Maybe the good sheriff will also tell us to believe in the Tooth Fairy??

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" Who cares how he died."

I do.

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Who cares how he died??

Maybe all the people who don't want to see more Dorners created by the police thinking they do anything with impunity? You do know how this honest dude, who once turned in 8,000 dollars in cash he found, got started on his killing spree right? This is what can happen when an honest man meets a corrupt world.

In a way I guess its just lucky that there are not so many honest men out there to be driven insane by lying, corrupt police and government officials who destroy their lives and reputations.

Some may not care how he died, but do you care that the police just lie to you bold face? You really think the lying will stop with Dorner? Or began with Dorner? Any idea how the LA riots got started?

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“We did not intentionally burn down that cabin to get Mr. Dorner out,”

No, they burnt the cabin down to kill him.

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Pretty said that they planned to kill Rambro from the start.

Although I dont even come close to condoning what he did, I feel that he had an agenda with the police, and the police only. He could have easily killed the two he tied up and the guy and dog he jacked the second time, but he was calmed and didn't want to hurt anyone else that had nothing to do with the police. The guy was definately on a mission.

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Who cares how he died. He was a murderer regardless of the reason and he got what he deserved.

I'm not shedding any tears, but if they did lite the place in full view of the world watching then it's a serious lack of judgement on the part of the police, and that concerns me.

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Regardless of his honesty or the unjustness of his termination, he decided to right his "wrongs" with murder and terror. And was not just police but their families as well. Whether it was a bullet or a burning, he got what he deserved.

And btw, when somebody intentionally murders a police officer, don't be surprised when they decide end said person.

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" And btw, when somebody intentionally murders a police officer, don't be surprised when they decide end said person."

Here's part of the problem; A police officer's life is no more nor no less valuable than Joe the Plumber's yet people are quick to defend a cop's life or killing as more heinous. A killer is a killer with or without a badge, and regardless there is, at least in theory, the guarantee to all of due process of law. And that is the point so many blindly overlook. It's no secret that LAPD has had a long and deep history of corruption, but woe unto the whistleblower. No police nor any other are sacrosanct.

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