Ex-Proud Boys leader to stay jailed until Capitol riot trial


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Not too proud now are you buffoon !

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Sadly, he has 50% support.

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He should be happy to be in the US, with rule of law, and access to lawyers. Plus the US doesn't follow the Napoleonic code, so he's presumed innocent. It is up to the prosecution to prove him guilty.

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Henry “Enrique” Tarrio poses a danger to the public that cannot be mitigated by home detention and banning him from using social media, U.S. District Judge Timothy Kelly said in an order issued late Friday.

That is a very strong hint of what is going to happen during the trial, without strong proof this would not be an argument.

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He's an FBI informant.

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Yea he is, an FBI informant.

a quite talkative one at that which is why he is actually in jail.

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But isn't the whole insurrection a hoax? That's what a lot of the right believe.

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Sad to see trash like this trashing the Fred Perry brand.

Imagine your brand being taken up by the US rightwing? Talk about lowering the tone.

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