Boris Johnson builds lead in race to be UK prime minister


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The British clearly haven't learned from us Americans.

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Leadership contender and Secretary of State for International Development Roderick James Nugent "Rory" Stewart behaviour in last nights BBC debate bordered on the bizarre and surreal. The rather contrived act of tie removal the “Macron-esque” gesticulating, arm stretching/waving, gurning, faux emotional ranting.

Rory Stewart suffers with the same political delusion as Theresa May. That by some miraculous illogical belief May's current UK/EU departure agreement/treaty will be ratified by Parliament. Rory Stewart is, by far the Conservative Parliamentary Party pro EU Remainer candidate.

There is something rather repellent, politically both Boris Johnson and Rory Stewert have in common. That air of privileged money no object entitlement gained/installed from Prep School, Eton and Balliol Oxford education.

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Its not up to the British. The candidates are reduced to two by the parliamentary conservatives. Probably with Hunt and Boris going forward. The public members of the conservative party then have a vote to elect their leader who automatically become the new prime minister.

However, there should really be a general election but they know they'll lose one.

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Good luck to the British Trump! I like Boris Johnston. He will Make Britain Great Again after BREXIT.

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Hope Rory Stewart becomes the next PM. That way, all of the Tory voters who want to leave will abandon the party and support Farage. Boris will promise everything under the sun, then fail to deliver and will be ousted by his own party.

There needs to be a general election to wipe the slate clean. Too many MPs is Westminster who don't represent what the public want.

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Lying Johnson is being kept away from the press in case he opens his big, fat mouth and spouts his usual nonsense. It seems that this incompetent, dishonest, entitled buffoon is going to be forced upon us no matter what. It's a disgrace.

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God No!!! Not Boris pleeeease. Can you imagine Trump & Boris, blu wow i think im going to vomit.

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The public members of the conservative party then have a vote to elect their leader 

Images of walking sticks, hearing aids, searching for reading glasses, and frustration when they can't find Margaret Thatcher's name on the ballot paper.

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Tory Stewart is the brightest bulb in the bunch, but the Tory gammons and young fogeys will want to vote for the clown with the "charisma" (cough!) unless there is a SBAAC ("Stop Boris at all Cost") coalition that could conceivably elevate the gadfly Stewart as the compromise candidate into No 10.

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