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Boris Johnson fights for career in testimony on lockdown parties


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Johnson described some of the allegations he faced from the committee as illogical and absurd, accusing it of being highly partisan.

A curious accusation to make given that most of the committee members are also Conservatives.

In passages which are likely to form part of his defense on Wednesday, Johnson said there was no evidence that indicated he intentionally misled parliament...

It's just his word for it, then, and we all know that's not worth the paper it's written on.

and he was not warned that the events broke any rules.

Why would he need to be warned, when his own government made the rules?

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Hopefully this will put an end to him as a significant political figure in UK politics. Totally unfit for government and having him getting income from the UK taxpayer is an insult.

Stick him on GBNews, TalkTV or writing for the Telegraph. Let him lie for a living there

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I hope the people who support him are as accepting of their own spouse, their children, their friends, and anyone they do business with "misleading" them.

If someone says "I'm with Boris", tell them they can have the payment next week, or the week after. There's no harm in the possibly misleading people, is there? I mean, everyone does it. You can't say it's intentional.

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Boris has been a serial liar along with Cummings.

"One Rule For The Elite".

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Stick him on GBNews, TalkTV or writing for the Telegraph. Let him lie for a living there

a column in The Sun would be befitting. From his cell.

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a column in The Sun would be befitting. From his cell

He’s certainly Murdoch material.

On the subject of tabloids, the Star ( of Liz Truss/lettuce fame ) has been at it again. Don’t miss the text in the bottom right:


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It's more surprising that anyone in Britain ever believed a word he said. Everything about him is a charlatan act, from his hair to his shtick. It seems like increasing numbers of people are incapable of good judgement about shameless conmen.

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Not just Boris, but Hancock, Whitty and a host of other crooks and liars should be thrown into prison and never released for what they did. Lockdown parties are just a small part of it.

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LIke virtually all politicians, you can tell that they are lying because their lips are moving.

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Hope he's gone for good. Complete crook. Happy to destroy the UK for his and his pals own personal gain.

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Sunak is facing a rebellion from his own members voting for the Northern Ireland Bill.

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The bottom line is Boris Johnson is his own worst enemy.

Johnson has a young family.

Yet Jonson is selfish, his political self interest is all consuming.

Johnson is too self absorbed to be able to hold high office.

Johnson mistaked popularity, when the opportunity to lead as Prime Minister to take tough decisions escaped him.

Johnson will probably survive is some form or another.

The reality is Johnson is a political gambler that placed one bet too many.

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The Tories have become too "Greedy" - for choice of a simple word.

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Look at this piece of dirt.

When he was originally accused he was " I can't say anything because of the Sue Grey inquiry.

Now Sue Grey is the devil.

Where is Johnson living.

In a rent free mansion ( not Japanese one).

How much did he spend defending himself.

So much money spent all for Johnson's ego.

As His tutor said in Etonhe has no idea and respect for rules.

An absolute runt.

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Expected to last several hours, the hearing is a moment of peril for a politician whose career has been a roller-coaster of scandals and comebacks. If the House of Commons committee of privileges concludes Johnson lied deliberately, he could be suspended or even lose his seat in Parliament.


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He’s certainly Murdoch material.

Ah, Lou Dobbs replacement :)

It's more surprising that anyone in Britain ever believed a word he said. 

The same question could be asked of supporters of Silvio Berlusconi or Donald Trump. Why does anyone fall for a rich con man?

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