Qatar prime minister, Taliban chief hold secret Afghan talks

By Jonathan Landay

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"secret"...... apart from "U.S. President Joe Biden's administration was briefed on the talks and is "coordinating on all issues discussed" by the pair......" and apart from it being plastered all over the Internashonal meeja.......

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Why is any of that a problem, Slip?

It seems to me pooping on women's rights and just being general extremist Islamic turds is the problem.

The Taliban clearly wanted to be in charge but the want western aid?

Let the "conquerors" deal with the aftermath. Afghanistan is a basket case.

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did I say it's a problem? was referring to the language used in the headline.... and wondering why someone decided to word it that way.... bit of hype maybe? bit of spin? bit of conspiracizing? mythologizing? certainly not simple factual reporting.

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Well I'm all for factual reporting :)

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