U.S. accuses China of 'super aggressive' spy campaign on LinkedIn

By Warren Strobel and Jonathan Landay

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Interestingly I had someone contact me on Linkedin requesting an interview to ask about certain policies at my company for 30,000 yen. I declined.

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With Trump the Chump steering America, nobody is going to take this talking seriously.

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With Trump the Chump steering America, nobody is going to take this talking seriously

So refreshing to see the masses reacting

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Reckless: I've had a few like that (although usually from "western" accounts), claiming to be from subcontractor agents and asking things totally unrelated to me scope of work as published on Linkedin. I would say that more than half the unsolicited requests I get there are from Chinese manufacturing companies...could be legit but some of the accounts have very strange histories etc. and my company is probably fairly attractive for industrial espionage type activities.

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They learned it from America...... Cmon, you should be proud of your student, America!

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I've been asked for interviews where it is common to provide challenging technical questions to be answered. But sometimes the questions are extremely specific, clearly not just "what if" scenarios.

I've kept my linkedin profile fairly generic and not connected to any other online accounts, anywhere, but people I've worked with, in my network, don't always do that. We don't say what we've actually done, but if you list the commercial tools used in an experience section, then is a pretty clear as to the sort of work.

A friend works at a Chinese University teaching cyber security. He has lots of stories. After looking for a position in the USA for 2 yrs, he got that offer and took it. Claims that everything he does is tracked and monitored. He is only allowed to have 1 bank account, for example. He's never bothered to learn Manderin, which seems odd to me for all the years he's spent in China now - over 5. All his students are required to turn in assignments in English. Most can write English, but not speak it. I guess that's good enough to gather intel over the internet.

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China is hurting. Why not squeeze the last bit of info out of the US before they get blocked. Isn’t this the way they got all their other technology?

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They need to change their names to Russian names and the US government will have no problem with it.

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China is waging what they themselves call an "all fronts war" that combine military, economic, strategic, diplomatic, cultural aspects against all western nations with the United States being the most prominent target. China influences Hollywood to make movies to paint China as a friendly nation, has established Confucious Institutes at numerous US universities to "brainwash" American students under the guise of spreading the Chinese culture. Every news website with a discussion forum is loaded with real, and not so real, posters whose sole purpose is to advance China's position and denigrate the US and it's allies. Sound familiar?

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talaraedokkoSep. 1 08:12 pm JSTChina is hurting. Why not squeeze the last bit of info out of the US before they get blocked. Isn’t this the way they got all their other technology?

During the Labor Day weekend in 2016, Russia hacked the electoral college networks to 'test the fields' before they struck full force that November in favor of Douchebag Traitor. China also hacked a textile mill in New England to steal manufacturing secrets but they weren't successful.

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Recruitment is a tool to vacuum up technology. Nothing new, except web makes it easier.

Foreign controlled firms act as the agent or agents target firms where infiltrators get access to trade secrets, patent proposals, and proprietary code.

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Well we can look at how the geezers from Communist China treat the TIBETANS and the country of Tibet....with morally upstanding respect of course?

Even companies doing business in Communist China dare not mention Tibet as a separate entity or suffer sever punishment.

Bulldozing Washington DC and other places of Western power to the ground would give these geezers immense satisfaction.

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