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U.S. ambassador to S Korea is discussing plans to resign: sources

By Hyonhee Shin

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Still sounds like an amazingly accomplished man. After living in Japan a long time I would like the chance to spend a year or so in South Korea.

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I wouldn't want to be the US Ambassador to SK either. They've been more than rude to this US rep. SK doesn't really act like an "ally" even though they're supposed to be.

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He wouldn't openly say he's stressed out or like 'life is hard' - he's a four-star admiral and has been through a lot," the source said.

Hell you don't become a 4 star admiral then an ambassador without knowledge a drive. He obviously feels things have gotten to a point that is beyond his control. Getting the hell out of here, going to his bunker. That is scary for us all.

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It was a mistake of U.S. government or Trump assigned Harry Harris as the ambassador of U.S. to South Korea. He is a Japanese-American and Japan is the most unpopular country for South Koreans. I do not understand why Harris accepted the offer. He knew their feelings to Japanese.

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Now, pls the world must become borderless, but Harry tried, it is trump that is a problem, always stirring up troubles.

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This guy was the wrong person for the job in the first place but because of his many years of service and networking got the job. I was right yet again that he would quit. It is best for both countries as his weak soft political and sensitivity is out of sink and outdated policy. SK has not been nor ever will be a true ally of the US. It is bending towards China more and more under Moon. They took what they needed from the US and like a dirty dishrag time to toss it out. The older but heavily declined populace is outnumbered and China who has positioned themselves all along are just as eager to move in and if history repeats itself back soon too if not already have secured positions well in their political parties and Blue House, much like in Japan too.

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Harry Harris

His parents couldnt come up with anything better than that?

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Just a thought, but if I had people storming my residence, I would be in fear for my life and allowed self-defense in most societies. In some, I would be allowed to open fire to protect family, including having personal guards "mowing the lawn" to protect family.

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And is the ambassador able to sue the south korean govt for ineffective security?

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The world is a complicated place. In the US, he would be considered an Asian American, and regardless of race? he would find solidarity in being Asian. In Asia, he is defined by race.

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In October a group of South Korean students climbed over a wall into the grounds of the ambassador's residence in Seoul to protest against the U.S. troop presence in the country

I agree with those highly motivated and patriotic South Korean students. Korea first for the S. Koreans. They are perfectly suited to be the soldiers and sailors in place of US troops that are needed to defend the wealthy South from the impoverished North. The US should end its post-Korean War troop support and congratulate themselves on a job well down.

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Because of the mustache?

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I wouldn't want to be the US Ambassador to SK either.

Historically, US Ambassadors to Korea were security experts, either former Ambassador to Russia, a former Navy Seal intelligence officer, or a four star admiral like Harris is. The position is considered to be highly critical to US national security.

By comparison, US Ambassadors to Japan were reward jobs to celebrity party loyalists and big donors, like Caroline Kennedy or Bill Hagerty, a big donor to Trump campaign. And the position of US ambassador to Japan has not been filled for more than 10 months after the big-time Trump donor quit to run for US Senate as the position is considered not very important for the US.

So while anyone with celebrity or money can be made the Ambassador to Japan, only security experts may apply for the job of the Ambassador to Korea.

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Although polls show wide South Korean support for the alliance in general, people there have balked at Trump's demands that Seoul pay billions of dollars more for a U.S. troop presence in the country.

I do not know why he will resign. But this article misses the main cause of the Korean sentiment: the THAAD. Trump demanded billions dollars just after S. Korean government, its private companies such as Lotte, and its civilians got huge economic damages from the retaliation by the CCP after S. Korea accepted the deployment of the THAAD within S. Korea. The THAAD is not for protecting S. Korea from N. Korea as the physical distance is too close, but for other purposes, one of which the CCP fears. Many S. Koreans resented Trump's demand of money, which just ignores the economic sufferings of S. Korea by accepting the request from the U.S. The S. Korean economic loss was at least 10x greater the Trump's demand.

As the THAAD deployment moved forward, South Korea began to suffer economically. First, Chinese group tours to South Korea were mysteriously halted in March 2017, causing Chinese tourism numbers to plunge by 50 percent and costing Korean businesses up to $7 billion. Lotte Group, the South Korean conglomerate that had provided the land for THAAD deployment, was hit especially hard, with many of its Lotte Mart stores in China shut down and construction on new projects halted. Lotte eventually announced plans to withdraw from mainland China after taking heavy losses.

In total, the Hyundai Research Institute estimated that the reduction in Chinese tourists resulted in approximately $15.6 billion in lost revenue across the economy.

South Korea’s Lotte seeks to exit China after investing $9.6 billion,

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Harris should have been appointed ambassador to Japan instead

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Koreans are keen about the stache because many fascist leaders in WW2 Japan had that look. There was a rightist nutter politician who had one and the look recently, I see his posters sometimes. He is all about that neo fascism colonial glory of Japan crap.

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