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U.S. seeks allies' backing for possible China sanctions over Ukraine war

By Trevor Hunnicutt and Michael Martina

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Things are starting to get complicated.

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We can source our low and mid value-added goods anywhere. Whose technology will the Chinese steal when the West leaves and what will they make then? How will the CCP meet the demands of its population without its largest export markets?

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Shut up America no-one wants your wars anymore!

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Pathetic decadent circus..

...much evidence of brain damage here^^

...like below...


China is going to end up with almost an entire 'Xi' generation of brain damaged youths, and as if China doesn't have demographics problems already.

Hello? Since when is blind thuggery, thieving, forced labor, forced ideology good for humanity?

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Yeah let’s further destroy our economy with more ineffective sanctions.

well I guess Biden can call Xi and ask if it’s ok for him to do it?

10%-15% inflation and $8-$10 gas wont be thaaaat bad. /s

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Shut up America no-one wants your wars anymore!

The US isn't at war. Russia is. Russia is trying to conquer another nation. Are you ok with that?

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Things are starting to get complicated.

It might speed up the economic disengagement from China that needs to happen anyway.

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If China does decide to help Russia in its naked aggression, then China should also help pay for all of the damage caused by Russia against Ukraine in this ugliest of war crimes.

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Jeez. Do these people never learn? Sanctions have been all but useless and will end up causing more harm to the world economy.

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So, Biden is going to take his efforts to rescue Obama's Folly in Ukraine up an order of magnitude of self harm. I guess he's figured out that China has also been dumping American debt so that it doesn't have to bail out the American dollar.

Biden is still thinking that it's the 20th century when America cutting off China would have crippled the Chinese economy. But it's the 21st century, and America cutting itself off from China will cripple the AMERICAN economy.

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Shut up America no-one wants your wars anymore!

So China and Russia wars are better? How?

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Any sanctions against china will hurt the west as well.......if not more !

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Any sanctions against china will hurt the west as well.......if not more !

It is ultimately less costly than looking the other way and doing nothing. Did you learn anything from the run up to WWII?

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yeah it’s going to awkward when after all this Russia and China have stronger economic numbers than the UK and Germany. Russia already does, not sure about China yet.

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Shut up America no-one wants your wars anymore!

....but Russian wars are totally OK?

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DT,no US business will ever cut China out of their supply chain

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It is imperative that Japan acts in its own interest and refuse putting any sanctions on China, its largest trading partner.

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