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Exonerated man released from Virginia prison after 33 years


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But you see; nobody bothers to make any kind of comment, because he's not black...cuz WHITE lives DON'T matter.

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ALL lives matter! And your right Matthew, if he were black 20 comments would be here claiming the whites in Virginia put him away for being black.

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While two have a right to moan, this guy was probably locked for reasons I don't know. But what I do know is that he wasn't locked up because of the color of his skin. Blacks, on the other hand, are often put away simply because of the color of their skin. But let's not play the race card, which the likes of you seem to do more than blacks. Obviously there are some flaws in the system. And just remember, black lives matter as an implied "too" at the end. It does NOT, I repeat, does NOT imply that white lives don't matter. But I don't know why you're paranoid anyway. You have all the courts, law enforcements, establishments, that profess and have been professing loud and clear that white lives ONLY matter.

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These cases are disgusting.

A life ruined.

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the prosecution’s case relied heavily on the testimony of two experts who testified that his teeth matched bite marks on the woman’s leg. No other physical evidence linked Harward to the crime.

Bite marks? And then a layman's jury metes out justice? Utterly unprofessional, unjust and disgusting. Not unlike medieval practices - in the 21st century. How will this man be compensated for a life stolen from him?

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Cases like this are why I'm against the death penalty.

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