Car bomb in Ankara kills at least 28, injures 61


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It is very sad people get killed. Erdogan should stop supporting terrorism himself and give human rights to the Kurds. Turkey is still continuing its centuries old policies of oppression of minorities. When you do evil, evil comes back to you. Very simple.

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deputy spokesman of the U.S. State Department. “We reaffirm our strong partnership with our NATO Ally Turkey in combatting the shared threat of terrorism,”

Ahh -more mumbo jumbo spewing from the administration.

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Ah, someone is trying to give Turkey (and NATO) an excuse to attack Syria.

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Yeah. It always sad when people get killed. There are a lot of cruel people who killed a lot of innocent people everyday & their killing will never be stop forever. I'm agree with your comment, CrazyJoe. Erodogan is one of the Turkish most evil person in history!

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stand shoulder to shoulder in the fight against terrorism

Last time we heard this phrase, a quarter of a million people - mostly Iraqi civilians - were still alive.

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Erodogan is one of the Turkish most evil person in history!

Erdogan is certainly very evil, but I hear that he is relatively mild compare to previous Turkish leaders.

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Arogan will never ever stop supporting extremists groups,he is buying very cheap stolen oil from Isis,he support ,arm,and treat them medically at Turkish hospitals.He is using them to threaten and fight KurdS as happened before in Kobani,and to fight against ASSAD.A car bombed went off in the Capital will be repeated always.He is calling for human rights in Syria,while he is killing in daily terms Turkish Kurds,calling them terrorists.He,in cooperation with Saudi regime,Emirates stand behind big massive of migrants and refugee waves moved and still moving to Europe,to put pressure on international community to step down ASSAD and support international military intervene to give protection to Syrian as the only way to stop massive continuous refugee waves,but it didnt work.Now he threatens Europe,if they didnt accept to solve Syria crisis,he will open his borders to millions of refugees to go to Europe.Now its time to pay back.

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Chicken coming home to roost?

The covert and overt Turkish support to the ISIS is coming back to bite them.

Hope the realize now ' there are no good or bad terrorists, just terrorists'.

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there are no good or bad terrorists

Who, ever on this planet used the term "good terrorist?"

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What do you know what is going on? You only see the news and comment ....why don't you come and live in my country..especially in the south east part...You will understand who is right and who is doing what. Without knowing the truth, it is easy to comment, isn't it...PKK is far far away to protect the kurdish rights...You have to listen the truth from the true kurdish people living there and have to leave thier home...these people are suffering because of PKK...And for ISIS..What you see in the news is just what they want you to see and your eyes to the truths please before it is too late, then you will understand who is supporting who, what is really going on in this region and whom to blame..

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SUdiya, that sounds good, but it is a little vague. What are you wanting to say exactly?

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I am just trying to say these all that accusations are not right. Do you know that there are important Kurdish ministries inTurkiye even Turgut OZAL, ex prime minister was Kurdish? And most of the construction contractors are kurdish and they are really damn rich. Government let them to speak their language, let them open their schools of their language, even all over the country Kurdih is one of the selective language and let them what ever they want and the result is: in this time of period they hid guns and bombs at everwhere for a war while we were thinking that we are in a peace deal.. Because of work, lots of times I had been in this part of my country (Turkiye), and there are beautiful cities and people were living comfortably.. I have kurdish teachers and friends whom were loved by everyone in my school years.... To be able to understand what is going on you have to read some books of writers who write objectively of course. And main problem of all these conflicts are mostly because of two most important water resource of middle east ...euphrates and tigris..( there are other reasons too) .I read some books while I was attending hydrodiplomacy class in graduate studies....And some other documents about the next war will be water wars not for petrol any more. ..After reading these documents you will certainly begin to understand.. Actually what I am saying is not vague but without living and searching by yourselves it is really hard to know the reality as what news are telling are not always the truth.. I am not accusing anyone about what you guys think and say about my country but just try search more and read more documents to understand what is the real problem.. Media is a very dangerous tool recently and can be used badly...You know the Iraq war, millions of Kurdish ran away from Saddam..And They mostly came to our country and we accepted them and whole country did their best to help by giving clothes and even put money in bank accounts to send them ..The same in Syria.. Kurdish, Turkmen, Arabian, does not matter, we all accepted them.. But we are not rich country who can give unlimited help...But on the other hand in European countries they are tallking about shooting the imigrants, to sink their bots or taking thier jewellries not to take some thousands of imigrants while millions of them are living in my country and even became Turkish citizen...And for yesterdays bomb is being said that was done by a Syrian..Our region and middle east is a big fire ball and this fire is being fed by some people who have their interest in most ways...(EXAMPLE: once, one of my American friend said that America's economy have a good gainings by selling guns in middle east) there is a movie you know I think "WAR OF LORD" Nicholas Cage...There is a quote from the movie "XX who predicts correctly that a knock at the door will signal his release as a "necessary evil" who distributes weapons so major governments can deny involvement. Despite his losses, XX returns to arms dealing. XX remarks that it's what he does best, and that arms dealers are most likely to inherit the world one day "because everyone else is too busy killing each other." His final advice to the viewer is, "Never go to war, especially with yourself."

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I don't think the Kurdish people in Turkey would be allowed to protest the Turkish shelling going on right now in Syria so they may resort to foolish bombing. What could happen is that millions of Turkish people start protesting and shut the Gov down. Turkish people could also shut down the financial system of Turkey because they are massive holders of physical gold and silver. The people of Turkey have a much stronger hand than their Gov. and hold most of the power if they choose to use it. Could even see Turkey pull out of NATO, but the Gov would lose lots of $$$.

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