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Extreme isolation: World's last virus-free corners hold tight

By Bernadette Carreon

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The International Space Station is presumably still virus-free. But future launches to it may need extra care. Perhaps send up a few test-kits with the next cargo.

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Other than the virus fear, what is becoming of the local economy? Are they fully self-sufficient? I assume that inbound tourism is one of leading industries out there, which is now largely affected alongside tight mobility controls at borders. Hope they will continue to survive well until the crisis is over.

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But future launches to it may need extra care. Perhaps send up a few test-kits with the next cargo.

And what good would tests kits be if you are up in space?

But the whole panic is nonsensical. Within the year, there will be a vaccine, and effective treatment much, mnuch earlier. Already the (much ridiculed by the Trump hating "mainstream" media) Trump pills (hydroxycholoriquine) have now been approved by the FDA as a treatment. The problem now is supply... must of the production seems to be in India, which has stopped export. Thanks so much, globalists!

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Hydroxychloroquine (Plaquenil) is used to treat malaria, and researchers have found that this drug also helps with lupus flares. ... They can help ease lupus symptoms such as joint swelling and skin rashes. But hydroxychloroquine is not used alone for severe cases of lupus in which the kidneys or other organs are involved.

Some family members of mine with Lupus not happy about their supplies being disrupted.

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Wow, your cock sure. I hope your right, I really do, that a vaccine will be available within the year.

Stay well and keep well everyone.

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I wouldn't say nonsensical since a lot of people are dying from it, but, indeed, if anything has proven Trump right about the dangers of globalization and countries being too reliant on China it is COVID-19.

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Antarctica? NATO NORAD bases at Greenland, maybe?

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