Extremism must be defeated, Prince William tells New Zealand mosque survivors

By Marty Melville

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".... Extremism in all forms must be defeated."


Strong words.

Absolute total agreement.

Hope Prince William's next stop is Sri Lanka.

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Now that's a prince and a leader, empathy? Resolve and a love for people. Not particularly a big fan of royalty but if you are one that's how I want them to be.

definatly a man who lives up to being an icon.

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You can’t really "defeat" extremism. Only limit it. Most attacks can be stopped by a vigilant police force and people, but some will slip through the cracks no matter what precautions is done. I hope prince William understands this.

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You know I didn't believe it. But now that the prince has put it quite squarely, I think I'll get on board.

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