F-35 stealth fighter data stolen in Australia defense hack


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And yet they are our friends and we welcome them to the country in the tens of thousands every year, not just as tourists, but as permanent immigrants. Australians are so smart, Chinese immigration is now the biggest source of immigration. Have to give credit where its due for that level of smarts.

In fairness, it has been stated in Australian media that they do not know the identity of the individual, Chinese or otherwise. Then again, it would not surprise me if they suppressed that identity to avoid any nasty domestic backlash aimed at the Chinese.

Gotta keep those apartments being built in Sydney and Melbourne and the iron ore flowing.

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To work in the defence industry an individual has to pass all sorts of probing questions about their background, family ties, political views, financial situation and even sexual preferences. How is it then that a defence contractor can get away with internet facing systems where the default password and username have not been securely set? All defence contractors should have to submit to a government penetration test, how is it that this common sense measure is not implemented?

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Wish I wasn't so old to learn, but this hacking stuff seems pretty fun.

Never too old to learn anything if, as the saying goes, "you're young at heart"...

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The hacked fighters and submarine intel info is probably for sale to some countries that want the intel

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Australia's cyber security has always been a joke, they've been caught before. Seems like username/pwd combo was something like admin/guest. Amateur hour.

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North Korea wishing to invent a Stealth Nuke ?

Eitherways, it 's just going to make it harder to share the latest hi-tech between so-called Allies.

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Fake news for the sheep.

A better headline would read....

"Mechanics rat-shop puts marketing stuff on open website". No one would have clicked on it."

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Wish I wasn't so old to learn, but this hacking stuff seems pretty fun. Love to know more about Abe,s scandals.

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