Facebook won't remove murder page in Australia


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I agree with Facebook's stance. For all intents and purposes, "hate pages" criticizing the guy are simply websites with opinions. Unless they violate the terms of service, they should stay online. Lots of such websites probably exist. Is every web administrator or ISP supposed to remove a site simply because of a fear that someone will "potentially" not get a fair trial? Puuhlease.

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I agree with combinibento. It is freedom of expression. If some jury members want to form their opinion in stupid ways, like based on some rant they read on Facebook, rather than paying attention to the facts of the case that they have straight from the horse's mouth, there isn't anything you can do about it. They are idiots and that is ultimately the root cause of the trial being unfair, not that Facebook refused to remove something.

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However distasteful it is, and it is more than unpleasant, the world has taken far too many steps towards being an Orwellian police state, and I for one will be glad to see those pages stand, however much I disagree with the content.

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Welcome to the Panopticon of Facebook and other "social" media . Very Orwellian indeed. Now, with the Court of Public Opinion, the Rule of Law(since Magna Carta) is being diminished to the shame of civility.

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Freedom on the press is just that. While I think the hate sites are disgusting, if you want to start telling people what they can and can't write, the freedom is gone.

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Facebook should respect the victims husbands feelings. If he asks the page to be taken down I hope they do it.

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free speech is a bitch, they don't need to take anything down unless they do it of their own accord, not even an outdated fossil network like facebook should give in to all that crap

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not only facebook here crimes in internet,scamming all ,if youre good enough where ever you are

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