Facing New Hampshire loss, Clinton looks ahead to counter Sanders


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Karl Rove ran ads FOR Bernie Sanders in Iowa and he's doing the same right now in New Hampshire. That's all I need to know.

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Karl Rove ran ads FOR Bernie Sanders

Are you suggesting Karl Rove is a Sanders supporter? Cause that would be crazy, Joe.

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I'll have to check out that Larry David skit. The guy is really funny. And for all the Hillary fans, you might find this interesting.

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Well Fizzbit, that link is pretty damning. She was more worried about protecting the nuclear industry in the US than the health of its people. Pretty much says it all. Now---repigs--don't get all anti-Hillary and all, and say, "YEP YEP YEP, and vote trump. Trump would NEVER DO THAT!" Because, TRUMP and any other repig would DO that and do it BETTER. This is one point that should not be forgotten.

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Jew money will prevail.

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Women are smarter than Hillary gives them credit for.... Women are great at seeing through another phony woman. They didn't vote for her last time, they voted for Obama.

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Bernie who?

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Go Bernie!

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CrazyJoe: Karl Rove ran ads FOR Bernie Sanders in Iowa and he's doing the same right now in New Hampshire. That's all I need to know.

I'm not sure that's the best strategy for him.

Hillary seems to be a much more vulnerable candidate than Bernie.

And I saw her 'angry face' campaigning today for the first time today, seems to me people would have to be pretty committed Hillary supporters already to believe that stuff.

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Don't believe everything you read about tomorrow's primary. Much of it is wrong.

NH is not dominated by independents. About 30% of the voters are registered as Democrats and 30% as Republicans. The other 40% are "undeclared." But undeclared just means they don't want to affiliate with a party. About 2/3 are definitely partisan. So only about 10-12% of the voters are really swing voters.

Endorsements dont matter. Hillary Clinton has locked up all the state's Democratic pooh-bah's but Sanders has a yuuuge lead. On the Republican side, John Kasich, Chris Christie, and Jeb Bush are leading the endorsement race with 12 each. But Donald Trump, who has zero, is leading in all the polls.

The polls are notoriously bad. In 1980, a CBS poll had Ronald Reagan beating George H.W. Bush by 45 points. He won by 27. In 1984, the final WaPo/ABC poll had Walter Mondale tied with Gary Hart. The final CNN poll had Mondale at +6. Hart won by 9 points. In 1988, Gallup had George H.W. Bush beating Bob Dole by 8; Bush won by 9. In 1996, CNN/Time had Dole winning by 15 points. Pat Buchanan won by one point. And so it goes.

Voters need to personally meet the candidates. New Hampshire is small, but it is not that small. Actually, only about 15-20% of the voters go to even one rally, speech, or other event. Most learn about the candidates from the teevee, like in other states.

Underdogs win NH and get momentum. It happens occasionally, but it is pretty rare. George McGovern did well (but didn't win) in 1972 and eventually got the nomination. The only other underdog who used New Hampshire as a springboard to the nomination was Jimmy Carter in 1976.

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@Black Sabbath

What do you think about Hillary smearing a 12-y-o rape victim in court documents, and, laughing in an interview several years later, about getting the sentence reduced to 2 months, even though there were two other witnesses to the crime, because the circle cut out of the perpetrator's underwear with the blood and semen evidence was lost?

Still want her to be President?

It's OK as long as she's the front-runner of the party you like?

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