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Farmers condemn New Zealand's proposed tax on animal burps


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At the moment New Zealand's government is run by a rabble of WEF puppets who are hell-bent on selling out their country, and this proposal is just another example of it.

But for how much longer? Local elections last weekend saw voters give them an absolute drubbing, which is a good sign for next year. No wonder their leader is angling for a cushy job at the UN, as she won't have one at home in the near future.

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The rear ends of cows and their pats release more methane which can be reduced by feeding them garlic which should be supplied by the government's garlic campaign.

Never light a spliff behind a cow.


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Wow. That works out to a tad over five sheep for every person. Give sheep the right to vote and let's see what happens.

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self goal !!

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I thought this was a joke at first. I'm having trouble actually believing that they would take their climate panic so far. Unbelievable. This anthropogenic climate change nonsense has gone far enough. The "cures" are going to be far worse than the hyped up results of climate change. I hope New Zealanders vote these people out of office promptly.

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eric_japanToday  01:13 pm JST

These policies are going against farmers are widespread now. There’s an all out attack from the elite to make their great reset a reality. You think that all this crappy meatless substitutes that are filled with unhealthy oils, etc. are going to be a benefit to peoples health? Of course, the fat cats setting the policies will still be eating meat, buying carbon credits from poor people so they can fly on their private jets. People better start waking up before it’s too late and you have no rights whatsoever and you never eat meat again.

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New Zealand's government on Tuesday proposed taxing the greenhouse gasses that farm animals make from burping and peeing as part of a plan to tackle climate change.

how about a similar tax on all bars and pubs as well?

Plenty of burping and peeing in those places as well- probably more than the farm animals too.

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There are serious scientists with designs for masks for cows to reduce methane by the Zero Emissions Livestock Project. It won a prestigious award.

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Have a heart guys and gals, and don't be too harsh on a superstar PM. There are bankers everywhere who are, as we speak, loosing $billions/$trillions from their bond assets because Mr Feds-Powell keep raising interest rate (bond yield). It's so bad bankers are quickly loosing their status as Masters of the Universe as they stand watching their bond investments disappear into a blackhole.

Make farmers buy some carbon offset certificates from said bankers, the profits made will offset bond losses and farmers will feel good they're saving the planet AND the Masters of the Universe in one go.

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Garlic is a win, win, win.

Win for the garlic farmers. Win for cows feeling less stressed. Win for the environment.

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What about humans. If you fart, will you e charged

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all the money collected from the proposed farm levy would be put back into the industry to fund new technology, research and incentive payments for farmers.

How does inserting central government into the cycle like this make things better than they are now?

Wouldn’t it be better to not have central government involved, taking a cut through its overheads?

3 ( +4 / -1 )

Jacinda has lost the plot (excuse the pun) A fine and perfectly comical example of her low resolution narcissistic moralism. You couldn’t script this stuff better. A bit embarrassed for my New Zealand mates though. Out of respect will give the sheep jokes a miss too this time.

Seems like she is going after her own highly productive, competent and sophisticated farming industry, much like what is happening in the Netherlands.

Good luck with that Jacinda.

6 ( +9 / -3 )

I believe we are now seeing more stealth taxes like this to recoup money lost due to Covid. The effects as always will hurt the poorest members of society.

3 ( +7 / -4 )

The dairy farmers in NZ should just tell Aunty Cindy if she goes ahead with the tax they will all send their cows to the slaughter house and not farm at all. NZ's biggest income is the export of dairy. See how long the tax would last then.

5 ( +7 / -2 )

@Peter Neil

I've heard this long ago, but it has never got going anywhere, must be another project just for funding

-1 ( +1 / -2 )

Alongfortheride Today  03:23 pm JST

The dairy farmers in NZ should just tell Aunty Cindy if she goes ahead with the tax they will all send their cows to the slaughter house and not farm at all. NZ's biggest income is the export of dairy. See how long the tax would last then.

Or better, blockade the homes of the politicians supporting this move, and prevent them either entering or leaving, and prevent them from getting food. Starve the b@st@rds into submission.

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The gov't will now tax everything. Enjoy.

8 ( +10 / -2 )

New Zealand's government on Tuesday proposed taxing the greenhouse gasses while introducing a new government subsidized food product called Soylent Green.

2 ( +5 / -3 )

Madness. Vote them out.

5 ( +9 / -4 )

Why such aggression against politicinas? If you have some childhood trauma from authorities in your life, understandable. But we all need to use our adult brains to think, yeah, they are just other people doing their job. NZ has the least corrupt political system in the world, so I don; 't think they're trying to pull the wool over your eyes or anything.

Why such aggression? Well, when our hard-earned is taken whether we like it or not to pay people who act against the best interests of the very people they're supposed to be representing, and they keep doing it without any real accountability, a little aggression is warranted. They're not just "other people trying to do their job," because unlike most people, the decisions they make affect a large number of people, not just the people they interact with to limited degrees of separation.

But I agree, they're not trying to pull the wool over our eyes - this is right out in the open. And they believe they won't be held to account for the consequences. So they only way they'll take notice is with direct action against them. I'm not talking violence, just refusal to comply, and non-violent measures to prevent them from carrying out their intentions. We only have to look at the woefully underreported crimes the Dutch and Canadian governments are committing against their farmers to confiscate land in the name of saving the planet. NZ Labor will try the same if they think they can get away with it.

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NZ farmers are among the wealthiest of people in NZ.

So you think that's a good reason to slug them with another tax?

They work hard. Farming is no picnic, and is highly susceptible to market fluctuations as well as variable weather, which does change naturally. Socialists just want to take without doing the work required to generate wealth.

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Ardern did very well in handling the pandemic, but taxing farmers for farm animals burping is ridiculous. Next the will exterminate non farm animals to reduce methane emissions, and charge over weight people for "extra" methane emissions above average. One step away for charging people to breath.

Time to rethink this proposal and look for a different way to achieve your goals. Animals burp and fart and have done since they crawled from the waters. So have people.

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Agriculture Minister Damien O'Connor said it was an exciting opportunity for New Zealand and its farmers.


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I wonder how New Zealanders are going to take to garlic flavored milk.

-1 ( +3 / -4 )

That is a headline one has to see to believe!

1 ( +2 / -1 )

Can we have a tax on politicians’ brain farts instead?

It would raise vastly more money and ease vastly more global suffering. But this isn’t really about doing good so much as it is about control, is it?

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If they're gonna tax the farmers for the animals might as well tax the people too for exhaling greenhouse gas

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This is a stupid idea. Probably on par with the suggestion of a Breathing tax - in which case, Athletes should be subjected to the the highest tax bracket, and probably simply just ban Rugby altogether inline with that.

Perhaps, introduce a permit to have a Kid, as each Kid has a certain carbon footprint.

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Taxing having kiddies would be far more profitable and would also be fair to those who do not wish for or are unable to have children.

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Mark my words, New Zealand and Canada will introduce a "carbon passport."

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Quote: farms replaced with trees.

Given the destruction of rainforests, that would presumably seen as beneficial.

Savvy regimes are using bird flu, Asian swine fever and other animal diseases to hammer back agricultural production. They are also locking out migrant workers who do most of the agricultural work and staff the slaughterhouses. Farms are being replaced by reservoirs, food producers are being 'encouraged' to switch to vegan options and higher energy prices are wiping out food processing and hospitality. Didn't New Zealand get a copy of the playbook?

The only way to reduce emissions is to reduce farming livestock. Bit more green space for the hobbits, bit less GDP.

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"NZ has the least corrupt political system" !

That was until Jacinda Ardern came along

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Garlic isn't the answer to bovine flatulence. However seaweed may be. Australian researchers have discovered a species of native seaweed mixed in cattle feed reduces methane emissions.


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GBR48, in an increasingly water and land constrained world, the future of agriculture may be vertical farming, growing crops in what are essentially clean rooms where pesticides and herbicides are not needed and all water including water vapor in the air is re-used. Most row crops can be grown indoors and a side benefit is the farms can be located in cities where the food will be eaten, reducing greatly the costs and pollution of transportation.


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Excellent, well done New Zealand..

A true modern, civilized country, not like the medievals fossil fuel burners of the pathetic GOP..

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@Desert Tortoise. Agreed. There will be a lot more of that.

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Here is the latest on this story. For those who think Jacinda Ardern is a good person please know she is not. It is well known in NZ she is dividing what was a happy relationship with the 2 races of Maori and Caucasians.

She announced this possible new tax on the farmers but then also announced that Maori Beef and Sheep farmers will get relief from it. This is what causes racial issues in countries.


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