Father and son lifesaving team drown while trying to save tourist in Australia


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Such a waste! They lost their lives because of an irresponsible tourist.

I was a surf lifesaver for twenty years on the east coast of Australia. The majority of people who got into serious trouble were Asian tourists. I had to retrieve three floaters over the years, all of which were Asian tourists.

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Sad story. I wonder if they had lifejackets on.

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It's always sad when hero's lose their lives trying to save another.

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Even Aussies get caught in rips but we are taught to swim across them, seriously if you can’t swim don’t enter the water, 2 great Aussies who were heavily involved in their communities now lost and so close to Anzac Day, oh geez so sad.

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Very unfortunate that this happened. As for the comments regarding the Asians saved, it could be a lot of things such as being so awed by the excitement of being in a foreign country that they lose their common sense about the ocean. It could also be that they were not accustomed to the ocean's habits and movements, thinking that it is similar to a swimming pool where there is little or no waves and currents. Growing up in a culture in which the ocean is regarded as beautiful yet dangerous, we learn to always be alert of it and its changes.

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Im gutted mate, what a loss to their communities, so Australian to help someone in trouble but.

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The son was about to become a father for the first time later this year. His dad won a bravery award 40 years ago for his part in a similar rescue, also on an Easter Sunday. It's a cliche, but it really does seem like these two were pillars of the local community.

Also, the police have confirmed the tourist concerned was an "international" tourist. This follows on from the two Japanese 16 year olds drowning a few weeks ago on Fraser Island. Somewhere, safety warnings are not being given, or they're being disregarded. Port Campbell is a beautiful spot, but the ocean down there is fierce. Just a tragedy all round.

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Most Sydney and Queensland beaches etc. are sign posted to advise people to swim between the flags as Surf lifesavers only keep a eye out in these areas and can reach you in minutes, if you’re a tourist don’t swim at remote locations or outside the flags because if you drown it’s traumatic for family members and we see it on our news quite often, outside Sydney the beaches aren’t shark netted and there have been increasingly more shark attacks, especially From Great Whites, just be careful and sensible and you will have a great time.

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Two hard working dairy farmers, by all accounts top blokes, gone, smh.

Don't over estimate your swimming/mountain climbing etc abilities folks. What a tragedy.

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I'm sure if my missus died tragically I wouldn't be on social media fishing for sympathy/likes by proclaiming;

"The love of my life, light of my life, father of my baby girl. My heart is broken. I miss you..."

Just feels a bit tacky and not natural.Surrounded by family and/or close friends is more like it.


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cracapht: "I'm sure if my missus died tragically I wouldn't be on social media fishing for sympathy/likes by proclaiming;"

People mourn in their own ways, amigo. I know a LOT of people who, when Facebook was at its prime, would post comments about people they'd lost, same as some people will hold funerals to honour those lost, and make speeches eulogising them. People also used to put eulogies in newspapers, so is that any different?

As for people blaming the tourist, I think it's easy to do that, but unless they were breaking laws you can only really call them stupid or uninformed for doing what they were doing. In any case, it is definitely tragic, and the two men definitely heroes.

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volunteer lifesavers, so selfless and wouldn’t have thought twice about going out in such a dangerous swell, our loss.

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Such a pity to hear of selfless people being taken like this.

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Wow - look at that photo! As a Californian, I would never have approached that area without a sturdy pair of fins. And both coastal rivers and wave backwash can suck you out in an instant. Tragic.

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