Fauci slams senator for death threats as U.S. hospitalizations hit record


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Paul said Fauci was the "lead architect" of America's COVID response, blaming him for the around 450,000 deaths that occurred since Biden took office -- although the vast majority were unvaccinated, and health officials including Fauci have consistently advocated for vaccines.

I see Paul has studied up on the playbook for an authoritarian putsch: The best lies are framed as partial truths. It is typical for his libertarian conservatism and how he has shifted to ally himself with the Trump wing.

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Rand Paul is pathetic. If more in the US had followed Fauci's advice to get vaccinated in the first place, there would have been far fewer deaths in the US. 62% fully vaccinated in the US is nowhere near enough and that is largely due to idiots like Rand Paul. Data clearly shows that being vaccinated means you are far less likely to be hospitalized even if you catch a Covid variant. It's that simple. Who wants to be in hospital these days for any reason? Not I.

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I love Rand Paul more and more, don’t let up! Hold this guys feet to the fire and press on.

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Rand Paul is a ‘doctor’ who used a public swimming pool after testing positive for Covid. That is enough to prove his medical credentials.

Regressive minds and the GOP go together.

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I love Rand Paul more and more, don’t let up! Hold this guys feet to the fire and press on.

Yeah, stick it to the man whose entire career has been about saving people's lives! Let's follow the crackpot libertarian former optician turned politician!

"450,000 deaths that occurred since Biden took office -- although the vast majority were unvaccinated, "

@bass, I'd love to hear your explanation for this. Fake news? What about liberals?

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I felt sorry for Rand Paul when trump childishly humiliated him in the debates .

But I take back my sympathy for him, he deserves every bit of humiliation and more for his lying and stupidity.

But then lying and stupidity is what is required to shine in the GOP these days!

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I love Rand Paul more and more

These people making death threats against Fauci, I wonder where they got their hatred from. Hmmm . . .

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"You are making a catastrophic epidemic for your political gain," he added.


But that explains the entire Trump admin COVID response.....

Ignore it, then downplay it, then blame it on someone else, then go back to just ignoring it...that was the playbook from 2019 to the end of 2020 under the leadership of the Orange Oracle....

Rand Paul is trying for the Repub lead in the who can out lie and out-crazy Louie Gohmert race...

And they continue to ferment and instigate violence...

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Outrageous. All because Dr. Fauci has been telling people to mask up and get vaccinated. It's idiotic that this honorable man's life should be threatened in this manner.

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twitter knows he is untruthful.

Uses Twitter as a source to attempt to prove his point...

While at the same time says Twitter is nothing but a "Lib" platform used to spread disinformation and should be forced out of business for banning Trump....

Welcome to MAGA-world....

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Regressive minds and the GOP go together

Nut jobs make death threats. Those who stereotype a large group of people by the acts of a few are no better.

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