Fauci unleashed: Doc takes 'liberating' turn at center stage


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See what happens when a petulant rich kid isn’t president.

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Dr Fauci, one of the few who outlasted Trump.

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Science facts and truth always wins in the end

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A man of science and medicine who tirelessly works to help others. Quite of contrast.

Glad to see him smiling and liberated.

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The pettiness and stupidity and childishness has all gone.

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Good to see a US president actually working for the people, bringing back truth, knowledge and science while banishing the BS. Even from my country it feels like a weighted shroud has been lifted and America is once against ticking along more smoothly. Still so many wrongs to right and work to be done before the US is purring along to its potential and a lot of work to do to restore credibility with allies and the world at large but at least it now travels in the correct direction to achieve something positive.

The world feels a little safer today and that may only be a mental factor but is feels better than before. A more reliable America is good for the world and for itself.

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Ah, science.

Sticking it to the flat earthers since the dark ages.


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