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FBI says it's evaluating abuse allegations against Brad Pitt


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Why the FBI? This is just beyond belief. I think we should get the CIA involved (it was, after all, outside the US borders), the Secret Service (because all of this is having a deleterious effect on the Presidents health), the EPA (because all the hot air being spouted over this is damaging the environment), the Screen Actors Guild (because I want to hear what Alec Baldwin has to say about all of this) and Geraldo (I can wait).

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I was also wondering why the FBI and not the local police.

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Burappi always seemed so calm in his movies not the violent type at all.

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flying with 1 kid is a chore, I can certainly see a guy losing it with 6.

It probably dawned on the poor bastard at 39000 feet he married a nutcase who has been collecting children like stray kittens and couldn't take it anymore

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Marriage life seems very short in America. Probably they wouldn't want longer marriage life.

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Mike L

It's called acting!

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Somehow I think the "chore" aspect would be greatly lessened when the flying is being done in a private plane with nannies and other staff in attendance. Not that I have personal experience with that ;-)

no doubt, but in a private plane you're still stuck there with 6 kids screaming in your ear..

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What on EARTH has this got to do with the FBI?

Don't they have better things to do than to get mixed up with sticky divorce cases?

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FBI because the crime happened in the air, on the ground, also e-mails are in FBI territory.

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I thought it was because the plane flew over more than one state. But perhaps airspace in general warrants the FBI.


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Brad Pitt is a child abuser? Sorry, but I refuse to believe this until solid evience is produced. I hope the poor guys' reputation isn't trashed due to spite.

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Good Bad RecklessSep. 23, 2016 - 04:11PM JST Guess the feds have jurisdiction over air space,,,

Then it should be FAMS jurisdiction (Federal Air Marshal Service under DHS and TSA), not the FBI.

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Right now, Child abuse investigation. When hijacking etc occurs, many others appear wiki their equipment and bring you to safety,

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Several news sites reported a witness saying Brad "shouted" at the 15-year-old Maddox. Seriously, if shouting at a boy aged 15 becomes a reason for criminal investigation... From my experience with teenagers I remember they can give you plenty of reasons for shouting at them.

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I think 18 and under is minor in USA but I am not sure on the air that is FBI territory.

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I think 18 and under is minor in USA but I am not sure on the air that is FBI territory.

18 is considered legal adult age in the US (excluding drinking in some states). 17 and under is still considered a minor.

And I'd gather that the FBI would only get involved if an incident occurred over multiple state lines.

Still this sounds like a pretty stupid situation for them to "have" to get involved in.

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