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Fear on front lines as hospital staff face threats, stigma over coronavirus

By Karen Lema and Neil Jerome Morales

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What about all the truckers, delivery, employee cashiers at grocery stores etc. The handle people face to face everyday too. They also touch all the products that someone could have blasted and an air droplets happens to land on that product. Yet no gloves? hmmm..

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There emerge always prejudiced and half-brain people. A large majority are, though not so vocal, respectful of medical staff; skills, efforts and commitments, regardless of outcomes.

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"They remain unfazed by the discrimination that healthcare workers now face."

Crazy times. Scary times. Hats off and thank you to all health workers and security personnel, each person working the frontlines of this battle. The gap between those at the top and those working directly with the ill remains to wide.

What about all the truckers, delivery, employee cashiers at grocery stores etc.

Hats off and thank you to each of them. They, too, have been having problems getting the protective equipment needed, once again pointing out how ill-prepared the country has been to face this monster. Maybe now some among the the masters of the economy will come to realize public health is vital to maintaining economic health.

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Here in a nutshell is the difference between the ethically and morally advanced nations, and the rest. In Europe they applaud their healthcare workers, in Japan and other Asian nations, they shun them.

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third world country, nothing new there.

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Hospitals whose staff are threatened and shunned by the community should announce that they will close if such malicious acts continue.

They don’t deserve to face two threats at the same time.

These humans are more deadlier than Covid-19 and the government must act quickly before they start killing medical workers.

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Isolation/loneliness/panic/fear/violence/anger/induced poverty/stress/impeded education/profiteering/etc are never mentioned.

Just infection rate and death toll scores.

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What a bunch of dumb-butts, attacking these health care workers like that! Don't they have enough sense to see that these front-liners are trying to keep a bad situation from worsening?

Whoever messes with these health care workers should be locked up. This is inexcusable to say the least, not to mention idiotic to the max.

I can't believe this crap! 

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I hope you mean that some people who live in poverty act this way. There are many in all walks of society who display anxiety and fear and act out these fears in unacceptable ways.

Just because some live in absolute poverty or breadline povety does not mean they know not right or wrong, or lack understanding to act appropriately.

Stay well, and keep well everyone.

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This specific JapanToday news article is about medical staff within a hospital setting and the abuse the staff are having to deal with.

This concern of authorities and governments not giving a damn about their poorer individuals and communities is a valid point, but best placed in another news article that is highlighting inept, corrupt, prejudice and incompetent governments.

Stay well, and keep well everyone.

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