Fearful US residents in Afghanistan hiding out from Taliban


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Wouldn't you???

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Poor Afghanis. The hellfire stops reigning down upon them, and now they have people trying to cut off their heads.

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Horrific and now as predicted, these people might have to pay the price of this administration’s screwup. This is just the absolute worst and most shameful moment in our nations history leaving a lot of our people behind, this moment, the people, the families and nations will never forget how we left and didn’t do as good as we could have.

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Abandoned by Biden and Blinken.

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Could be worse.

They could happen to own a white Toyota.

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It’s beyond the pale how “conservatives” blame this on Biden while at the same time pillorying him for being a warmonger.

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Why would anyone visit a war zone ... during a war?

Poor decisions have repercussions. It isn't the US's responsibility to "get them out" at this point. They made the choice. Nobody forced these green card holders to go to Afghanistan, bring their wives and children there too.

Not very bright. Darwin at work.

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