Feminists cheer as bare breasts disappear from Britain's Sun


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Good riddance!

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“This isn’t a triumph for feminism,” model Laura Lacole told the BBC. “This is a triumph for prudishness.”

Feminist extremists must be opposed by the free world.

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Equal opportunity policy and social mobility for all suits me fine, boobs on page three did no more harm than made my brother run and hide when I caught him in the newsagents taking a sneaky peek.

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Isn't it the group Femen that goes about exposing their breasts as a form of protest? Free the nipple? Seems hypocritical.

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As a breast-fed baby boy, I can't see the dilemma. They are, after all, glands for the protection of the innocent through the transference of antibodies that prevent illness, among other things.

I really think it's only the American psychosis about body and health that have inculcated anything non-American to make the whole issue a few mountains out of molehills.

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Feminism should be about freedom of choice, if women want to pose for page 3, who is anyone else to say they cant.

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Back in the day a good page 3 might require a re-read, alone in the bathroom. Now it doesn't even catch the eye as we've all seen things we didn't even know were possible thanks to the Internet. I didn't think anyone still cared.

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This is nice but it would be better if it was entire publication that was disappearing

As a breast-fed baby boy, I can't see the dilemma

Unless you are still a baby boy you should be able to see the dilemma

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Never thought the few pro-porn feminists would win out. Well at least it should be clear to the few remaining men in Britain what the future holds for them.

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I didn't know they still had page 3 girls. The Sun and the Murdoch Empire have been guilty of far more sinister things than showing topless women. Now that it has lost its page 3 girls, the Sun has only one use in the toilet but it can clog it up.

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Bloody hell! You don't have to buy the Sun Newspaper. That is unless you buy it so you can be offended and then get all righteous. It's a tacky newspaper anyway. A pair of bare boobs are probably the most honest reporting the Sun does. So what next for the Femmie - Nazis? Playboy? Penthouse? Bikinis? The internet? Some people are not happy unless they can be offended by something that might make someone else happy.

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@SimonB I agree that there are people who are determined to be offended. There are far more important things to get 'offended' about than a topless woman. Then again, the Sun and Murdoch's other rags do go a bit further than just being 'tacky'. Printing appalling lies about people killed in a tragedy and hacking a dead child's phone are more than 'tacky'.

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The Sun used to be a paper with an overwhelmingly male readership, now 50% of those who buy the paper are female. I think that has more to do with the decision than the pressure groups. Sales of newspapers are falling in the UK, The Sun is desperate not to alienate it's readers. Saying that, they are still featuring women to look at on page 3, they may not be topless but they are wearing bikinis or underwear, so really not much difference.

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Page 3 for JT

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Women's mags on the newsagents' shelves in the UK are full of lurid stuff, at least as, if not far more shocking. They have to have the word SEX blaring across the front cover in order to sell.

Not defending the paper, but at least page three of the Sun was covered.

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Equally silly headlines from "Freddy Starr ate my hamster" to "Superstar Gay Wedding: Elton takes David up the Aisle".......

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Good grief, don´t they have something more important to complain about?

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I'm old enough to remember the feminist movement that resulted in women trashing their underwear (incorrectly identified as "bra burning") in protest of the 1968 Miss America Pageant. I think the reasoning was that the constrictive undergarments were tools used on women - forcing them into certain "looks" in the interest of pleasing men. Now they're protesting against women who shed the OUTER garments as well? So feminists complain if you wear too much OR if you wear too little. I guess it just proves the centuries-old adage that, "you can never make feminists happy". XD

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Oh look, it was all a publicity stunt. It seems to be backfiring on the paper though.

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