Ferry victims' parents demand meeting with S Korean president


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I wish that Korea would of taken Japan's help. Japan coast guards train just for such an incident and could of saved many lives. I pray for those who lost children on that doomed ship.

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i get their grief but not sure why all these types of disaster result in protests and expectations of information and answers that just can't be given. and from the President? surely better to talk to someone who might have some closer involvement in the matter.

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and from the President?

In general, presidents are the easiest people to both get angry at and thank. They're the most visible, recognizable, and (percievably) the most powerful.

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Many parents believe some children may have survived for hours or even days inside air pockets in the capsized ferry, but died because rescuers took too long to access the submerged vessel. They are absolutely right. . . . . Japan offered it team of experts, but Park ( with her ' arrogant attitude") dismissed Japan's offer. . . ..As i mentioned on another post, one American Sea- Disaster Expert at the time of the disaster, said that they should lift the Sewol out of the water with cranes - and stabilize it - --Then drill holes in the up side so that air can get in , as well as rescuers can get in and bring survivors out. . . . But Park decided to follow the direction of the Coast Guard Chief (friend and newly appointed by her ) to rescue the people from the bottom up - whihc is the most dangerous and least effective way..

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and the president has to apologize now and pay money

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Sorry to say this but it was the parents who stopped the cranes lifting the ship.

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This was obviously coming. Having sacrificed the Prime Minister wasn't going to be enough.

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