Field hospital set up in New York's Central Park

By Kena Betancur

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Hats off to the charity and all who volunteer! It's too bad the US government has made public healthcare such a low priority for so long. But when spending trillions on the military and spending trillions on developing more powerful nuclear weapons are high priorities - further increasing the wealth of the .01%, and when reducing spending on things like healthcare that benefit the general population are a lower priority, then this has to be expected. Maybe if new leaders are elected willing to take on the entrenched .01% and look out instead for the general population, priorities can be rearranged. Maybe, too, the .01% will learn that decent, basic healthcare for all is critical to maintaining their economy.

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Cuomo is looking more and more like a real leader each day. Cuomo and Dr. Fauci are the true stars of the unfortunate situation. People are coalescing around these two individuals. It must be burn Donnie up inside!

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At least Cuomo has some sense and intelligence.

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Uh... wasn't it Cuomo the one who said NY state should not be Quarantined ?

OK I understand I'm going to get lots of Negatives over this one, but please, do educate me (and anyone else who may have the same questions):

(1) Why was it not acceptable for NY state to be Quarantined ?

(2) Why is this such a big deal for the US folks as to where you can or can't go in a time of such crisis ?

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