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Fiery clash at U.N. as Pakistan, India trade extremism charges


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It's funny how Modi used to be persona non grata and banned from entering USA. A mass murderer of innocent Muslims. My, my, how times have changed. Certainly does get a big welcome in USA.

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What nonsense mr khan talking about. India is having more than 200 million of muslim. The idea of India is inclusive.

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They will test flight ballistic missiles soon after their debate ended!

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Ah, countries with nuclear weapons. Feuding. Here's a clue for India: Osama Bin Laden, was a creature of the CIA and US Foreign policy.

India with a right wing nutjob as head of state in India. And Pakistan run by a military junta.

21st century and civilization passes its peak. Headed for an ash heap.

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Pakistan is heaven for extremism. Minorities cannot raise their voice freely there. Afghanistan is in such a mess because of Pakistan Taliban.

India has welcomed minorities for generations. Tatas, Khans etc are successful in India.

I wonder if any person from minority community succeeded in Pakistan?

Many Indians support modi because of his leadership and afraid of extremist islamists disintegrating the country again.

I feel Gandhi and Nehru made a mistake by partitioning greater India on religious grounds even though many Muslims stayed in India.

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Standard AFP article glorifying this Jihadi Khan, the divide and rule is played so beautifully and the Khan types

fall right into that trap every time..


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It's funny how Modi used to be persona non grata and banned from entering USA. A mass murderer of innocent Muslims.

You may want to start with the Godhra Train Burning incident, how it was planned and executed and how the flashback was planned to get rid of Modi from the political equation, including the USA ban... did not work.

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LamillySep. 25  03:59 pm JST

Now now children

The cultural genocide against the Bangladeshis was 50 years ago. And lately India does seem to be discriminating against Islam now, and India has a lot of them. India needs to look after their own before bringing up the abuses Pakistan did half a century before. That was then and this is now.

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Ironic that Pakistan is concerned about Muslims in India, but like most of the Islamic world, ignores what is happening in Xinjiang.

Apparently the concern of fellow Muslim is a priority unless you get paid for not being concerned!!!

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