Libyan rebels say they are attacking Tripoli


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Ghadafi's going to get cornered and then when the guns are trained on him and he has his hands up he'll say he's ready to talk and accept exile.

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Now the bloodbath of civilians will begin under the NATO mandate to protect civilians.

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Yes. And if the Nato fools seriously believe that these "rebels" will form a government that is more friendly to the West than Ghaddafi, they are even dumber than they look right now.

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WilliBAug. 21, 2011 - 12:27PM JST

form a government that is more friendly to the West than Ghaddafi

Thank you for letting us know what is most important here. Not democracy, not freedom, not life, but having a government that is friendly to the west and will sell us oil and not oppose us in the U.N. nor put fairness and truth ahead of friendly ties.

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This whole "rebellion" stinks like a piece of stagecraft. I don't know how many of them are actually Libyans or rebels, but they seem just as bad in terms of rape, torture and 'honour killings'. Now I read that Libyan Rebels" are being recruited by Al Qaeda to fight coalition troops in Iraq, and Libyan Rebel weaponry as well, including SAMs.

I would love to be a fly on the wall at NATO's strategy meetings.

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You can't form a government with insurgents primarily from the west in a tribal-based diverse country. Not a democratic one anyway. It is probably possible to set up a NATO puppet government and secure all the oil for the west. It would involve giving a slice to the puppet govt and their families and investing in a viscous intelligence service that kills any opposition. This model has worked well in Iraq, although Afghanistan is still in it's infancy.

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I meant that the insurgents come primarily from the west of Libya, a very different clan set to Tripoli.

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Asagao, agreed - Libya has never had a modern government, and one that forms must be very republican in nature, giving each tribe wide say in its homeland. That is not to say that it can't be done, especially if oil revenues can be shared fairly; and it is clearly not to say that such a situation would not be a vast improvement on the status quo in which Qadaffi kept Libyans frozen in the middle ages so as to prevent aspiration: it is aspiration that he fears.

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" Not democracy, not freedom, not life "

I should have added: ..and if the Nato fools believe that those "rebels" care one iota more than Gaddafi about concepts like democracy, freedom or life, they are more foolish than is humanly possible.

Thanks for reminding me.

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" Asagao, agreed - Libya has never had a modern government, "

Actually, the Gaddafi government came as close to a modern government as Libya will ever get. Sure, Gaddafi is a dictator, but Libya has (had) quite a developed infrastructure, school system, medical system, equal rights for women, and a lot of other things we associate with modernity. Plus, Gaddafi had actually stopped his nuclear programme and stopped harbouring terrorists .. in short, all we can hope from a North African dictators.

Say Sayonara to that, once those Nato supported "rebels" take over.

You have seen the pattern in Iraq.... now Sarkozy, Cameron, and Obama are repeating Bush`es idiocy. Only much closer to Europe.


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Actually, the Gaddafi government came as close to a modern government as Libya will ever get.

"Ever"? - that's a mighty long time, WilliB. I'm sure that you're not suggesting North Africans are somehow incapable of creating a modern society. Also, the Soviet Union, along with many other totalitarian states, have managed to offer the list of achievement you've mentioned, but this has all been at the expense of creating a true democratic society.

Democracy in Arabian states is not a pipe dream; in fact, it is a prerequisite for global advancement. Certainly challenges will arise, but some say the quicker we overcome them, the better, and I count myself amongst those.

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WilliB - Libya has also the best pistachios in the world. I hope that this conflict will come to an end now and I wish the Libyan people all happiness.

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I would pay close attention to WilliB s comment..."only much closer to Europe". For those not familiar with tribal ettiquite, it is quite expected that Libyans will not except NATO bombing killing their children and, seek revenge. Such grudges can last generations, so, in the near future, be wary of populated tourist centres in The UK and Europe.

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WilliBAug. 21, 2011 - 10:06PM JST

Thanks for reminding me.

While you are probably right about the rebels, the fact that you needed reminding of those, while quickly coming up with the point about being friendly to the west, still really says a mouthful. Add that to your posting history, and well, that coffin is nailed shut very well.

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Ghaddafi is toast it would seem. I give him a week, 10 days max, before his demise.

Whenever it happens, it's sure to heighten the shrillness of JT's rabid Islamaphobes.

Here's to a bright future for a post ghadaffi Lybia!

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As a Brit this is not in my name. What's after gaddafi?

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"As a Brit this is not in my name."

Of course it's not in your name it is an national uprising against a despotic ruler.

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