Fighting rages in two key eastern Ukrainian cities


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It is unconscionable that so many Russian and Ukrainian lives have been lost because of the vanity of one man. Young Russian soldiers are being turned into monsters and civilians are being slaughtered, crops are failing and parts of the world will probably starve. The economy of Russia has already been setback by decades, and it is likely a "worldwide" recession will follow this quixotic quest by Putin. Russia won't be erecting any statues of Putin after this.

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Klaus,our Congress is starting too question money and weapon sent to Ukraine,they want an accounting for money and weapon,since combat fatigue is setting in ,they ask the Pentagon for answers

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Dmitry Peskov said Russian troops have succeeded in their main stated task of protecting civilians in the separatist-controlled areas.

Protecting civilians should have been done since Russia first invaded, but given how many civilians are reported to have been killed, wounded and made houseless, Putin and the Kremlin warmongers have been shown caring for civilians was of little, perhaps no concern to them. Will the Russians forcibly remove more civilians to Russia in their attempts at demographic engineering, something Russian leaders have done for a long time. What is happening to the Ukrainians that have been forcibly removed to Russia, are they being cared for. Depopulating might be a long held Russian practice, but it is barbaric. IfPutin's Russia continues its warmongering and territory grabbing approaches, will they do the same things in areas they conquer. Are Russians planning to use the captured Ukrainians and others they have enslaved as military personnel in their future wars?

Russian military, go back to Russia, leave sovereign nations alone.

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The German should just give the 100 billion dollars to the US,the US is the only country China and Russia fear

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It is unconscionable that so many Russian and Ukrainian lives have been lost because of the vanity of one man.

Just because both men have Vladimir for their first names you are confused.

The Jewish, Neo-Nazi supporting, tv comedian is the one that has imprisoned, tortured and murdered political opponents, banned opposition parties, forced imprisonment and possible torture for any male 18-60 who tries to leave the country, 15 years in prison for any citizen accused of not hating Russia, devestated his whole nation, using civilians as human shields and civilian housing complex’s as military offensive outposts, not addressing human rights groups concern that Ukrainian women are being sex trafficked to pay for his war, mining the Black Sea preventing commercial trade, holding the entire EU economy at ransom, lying to world officials, staving people in Africa, not recognizing the independent of Donbass, breaking the promise to Russia in the breakup of the USSR to remain neutral...I can provide more proof...

Just because, he, the leader of the most corrupt country in Europe and number 123 in the world, demands to immediately join EU and NATO, even though it is repeating announced that this is unlikely for decades.

meanwhile ordinary Russian citizens are expecting the kind of mass racism that Chinese/Asian experience over SAR-CoV-2.

open your eyes chum.

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Poor Ukraine! Russia craps wherever they like.

Will the Russians continue relocating Ukrainian civilians throughout Siberia? Why not? They’re cruel and immoral, so most likely will increase such a program.

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Rodney - I actually agree with you on some things, but you are fighting for the wrong side on this one, brother.

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Love how the only positive spin for the Kiev regime comes from claimi

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Love how the only positive spin for the Kiev regime comes from claiming Russia is trying to do something, then saying it's strong defense has prevented them from doing it, though it NOT being something Russia is actually trying to do seems a more plausible explanation.

Rather than 'trying and failing to surround' the cities, Russia had announced last week that it wasn't going to surround them, but rather leave a path of retreat for Kiev's militants.

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there is a distinct feeling that “the world” has paid their money, had their proxy war and starting to move on.

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Russian President Vladimir Putin hosted the chairman of the African Union, Senegal’s President Macky Sall, in talks aimed at how to get grain supplies moving again.

Russia is stealing Ukraine's grain to sell in rubles. This will both prop up the ruble and help finance Putin's war. Google it.

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Laguna,US. Politician are beginning to question the viability of supporting this war,by questioning the Pentagon overseeing the aid transfer,see it is not being misappropriated,they want an audit of the funds and weapon,do you think Ukrainian with make a difference,when the US use sophisticated weapon as standard practice,with not so good results sometimes

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yrral - the decision on whether to cede land To Russia is Ukraine’s and Ukraine’s alone and right now they don’t seem too keen to do so. If Ukraine just rolled over and allowed Russia to keep that land, it won’t be long before they are back for more. It’s Russia. It’s what they do. They didn’t get to be the biggest country in area by far by being satisfied with their current size.

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The only real remaining question is who will end up with all the laundered money and the untracked weapons.

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i have never supported violence of any kind. I don’t take sides. Just believe as humans, we have to respect human and environmental rights. 8 years of Neo-nazi murder, rape and torture of Donbass, we just look the other way? Where was the U.N? Peacekeepers? Media?


Europol and to some extent Interpol (although not officially mandated) are seriously concerned and investigating the sale and transfer of “missing, unaccounted, untraceable” small arms, and handheld anti-tank and anti-aircraft weapons originating from the US and EU, which according to their initial reports, seem destined to criminal gangs and terrorists. Check there websites and investigative related websites..

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Mad mad Ukraine war:

100 days gone, maybe

1,000 tanks destroyed,

10,000 buildings leveled,

100,000 people vanished,

1,000,000 bullets & bombs fired,

10,000,000 people displaced,

100,000,000 $ of military aids wasted,

1,000,000,000 $ burnt..

How long more, how many/much more..?

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Rodney - I remember 2014. That was such an obvious land grab by Russia. Apparently, they were able to fool some people, but not most of them. Would you have been “neutral” in 1938-39? I don’t believe you would have been. You do know that Germany had “reasons” for every country they “liberated” too, right? The moral clarity we have now, 80 years later, was a little hazier then too.

i believe you when you say you don’t want war, but victim-blaming is not the way to go.

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Do you really believe that if Ukraine just gave up tomorrow, put down their arms and went home, let Russia keep everything they have taken so far plus the remainder of the Donbas, and agreed to never join NATO or the EU, that that would be the end of it? Russia would just be satisfied and go home too? Really? If you believe that, then hit me up, I have some crypto you might be interested in.

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Rodney - I remember 2014. That was such an obvious land grab by Russia.

Maiden? actually it was a western backed far-right nationalist revolution that resulted in extreme racism and deaths, rape and oppression of Russian-friendly UKRAINIANS. Unless you don’t know, that is why Donbass wants independence.

russia is more concerned about protecting its borders and human rights for Donbassians, who many hold duel nationalities and speak Russian. If you believe your hypothesis, why is Belarus a totally independent sovereign nation, not “land grabbed” from Russia?

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Belarus is "totally independent" as long as they toe Putin's line completely. We will see what happens when Lukashenko dies, I suppose. Come to think of it, why are you stanning for 2 repressive countries who have long-time strongmen running things? Saw you carrying water for China on another thread. Why is it that you seem to be attracted to authoritarians? Most of the civilized world seems to be rightly wary of authoritarians. How come you're not?

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And your Maiden origin story sounds suspiciously like Russia's take on it as well. C'mon man. You seem to have a righteous disdain for colonial empires, but why do you give Russia a pass? What exactly do you think the "Russian Federation" is?

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Russian forces have been trying to encircle Sievierodonetsk and Lysychansk, the only two cities in eastern Ukraine’s Luhansk province

By the way - cities with Russian population, regarded by Kiev gov like a second sort citizens of Ukraine.

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Rodney - I remember 2014. That was such an obvious land grab by Russia. 

Please find me maps with "old good Ukraine" including Donbass and Crimea before Ukraine come in Russian empire.

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I remember 2014. That was such an obvious land grab by Russia

You remember very poorly. Let me refresh your memory. After the coup d'etat of February 2014, orchestrated by EU and NATO (remember McCain, Nuland, Tusk and others in Kiev, instigating the rioters?) the newly minted illegal regime, formed from ultranationalist coup plotters, started a brutal military operation against the population of Donbass who did not support the plotters' Ukronationalism agenda. What land grab? Russia recognized the two Donbass republics in this February.

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First off, some people seem to be under the impression that the blitz economic attack on Russia permanently crashed the Ruble. But the reality is that when Russia switched to billing its energy customers in Rubles rather than Dollars, the Ruble soared and the Dollar took serious hits (showing up as inflation)

And Russia acting as a broker for DONBASS grain farmers isn't an act of theft against anyone but the corrupt Kiev regime.

And while some of the children of the people who cheered for Saddam in his (proxy) war with Iran, and believed that Iran was using chemical weapons are cheering for Zelensky, and believe him to be the innocent victim, most of them have learned to be a little skeptical, and in the information age, a little skepticism of a pushed 'truth' negates a lot of pushing.

A spring and summer of rolling blackouts and inflation is going to produce a lot of European voters unhappy with their governments, and the realization that the question isn't will they be shivering in the dark next winter, but how few breaks they'll have from that, well, if government policies don't change fast enough, governments will.

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The fighting rages in two cites, a number of towns and across 20% of Ukraine territory. It will grind on with Russia making gains in one area while Ukraine regains territory in another. When the new Western arms are entered into the fray, Russia will lose many more troops, give up more seized land and fallback towards it's borders. This could go on for years, but one thing is certain. The objections inside Russia will grow as its death toll grows, and at some point it will tip against Putin altering the outcome. Russia is on a time limit.

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Ukraine claims it has "retaken" parts of Sievierodonetsk, but then Ukraine claims 28,000 to 30,000 Russians killed (USA and UK say maximum 15,000), Ukraine claims soldiers didn't surender in Mariupol "they evacuated after completing their mission", Ukraine has been claimed it has been beating Russia, etc... But Russia now holds more territory than ever.

Can we stop with the fantasy news and now get real news and facts.

I don't mean Russian narrative I mean proper news from unbiased news sources and not propaganda by both sides.

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